Mismanagement of CAT Exam’s: IIM’s Colleges Marred In The Repeated Controversy

Published on : 12th December 2016    Author : Tanvi Mittal
CAT Exam

Exam Planner, Dec.12th, 2016 – The authorities of IIM’s Bangalore on December 7th have come up with an explanation about the leakage of the CAT Exam’s 2016 question paper on the social media sites. The management of IIM’s which was marred in the controversy and was faced with growing criticism from every segment, tried to put down the heat by giving feeble explanation about the incident that it was an “isolated event”. It was supposedly an erratic incident that has happened at a particular examination centre. They mean to say that it was not an epidemic at all the centres of an examination, rather a localized incident with small sphere of an influence.

The CAT 2016 Exam, which was scheduled on December 4th, while even when the examination was underway, during its second session the question paper was leaked on the social media site. It was just about half an hour before the conduction of the second slot of the exam, that on the Facebook the camera picture of the question paper was flashed. It was later flashed on other social media platform like What’s App. The questions that were leaked were from the section of Data interpretation and the Logical reasoning which happened around the 3.09pm.

The IIM’s management for the incident said, “the malpractice was promptly detected and the due procedure of the law has been initiated”. In order to prop the faith of the students, which has been eroding due to such incident, the IIM’s authorities further added that “the incident in no way has undermined the integrity of the test and the CAT administration requests that you should pay any heed to the rumors and insinuations in this regard.”

But as per the experts of the CAT Exam’s, the authorities of IIM’s should not try to evade such a serious incident by referring it simply an “isolated event”, with an aim to bring down the magnitude of the incident. In the long run it will only harm the reputation of the premier institution of the nation i.e. the IIM’s. Rather they should try to investigate such matters seriously. They further said that the culprit of the leak must have done such an act due to two reasons, either he wanted to show that he could bypass the system or he might have done this simply to get an answer to the questions.

Recently in this matter a name of the Naga Venkata Vaibhav Saladi, a software professional from Bangalore working in a leading MNC who was also taking up the CAT exam’s 2016, has surfaced. It has been found that through his mobile phone the snapshots of the question papers were sent and posted on his Facebook page. He even made requests to his friends to solve the questions before the time of the exams get over.

But Mr. Saladi claims being innocent and said that his Facebook account has been hacked by some hackers and were staged and misused by them. In this regard he has even filed a police compliant with Bangalore police.

This not for the first time when the question paper of the IIM’s has been leaked. In 2003 also the question paper of the IIM’s had been leaked, which has led to the cancellation of the exams of that year and its exam were conducted again. For this year’s examination the possibility of the cancellation of the exam cannot be completely ruled out.

What is really worrisome is the fact that the IIM’s, one of the premier institution is getting marred into one or other controversy from last few years. It is either due to the technical glitches, wrong questions, scoring pattern or now recently the leakage of the question paper. Occurrence of such incidents repeatedly will only lead to the erosion of faith from the institution.

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