Top Courses after 12th in India for Science, Commerce, and Arts

Published on : 7th June 2019    Author : Tanvi Mittal

It is that time of the year when not just the temperatures of the country are increasing but also the tensions, expectations and anticipations of Class 12th students. It has become hard to choose the best career courses after 12th. Yes, it is time for various school boards, including state boards and CBSE to announce the results and help students decide their career path quickly. In the latest event, the UP Board Class 12th result (the biggest board in India) has been declared on 27 April 2019. Gautam Raghuvanshi topped the board exam with 97.01%.

Check out the following links for Class XII results of some of the popular school boards in India –

  • UP Board Class 12th Result 2019: Released on 27th April 2019 (Check Result)
  • Bihar Board Class 12th Result 2019: Released on 30th March 2019 (Check Result)
  • Maharashtra Board Class 12th results 2019: Released on 28th May 2019 (Check Result)
  • ICSE Class 12th Result 2019: Released on 7th May 2019 (Check Result)
  • PSEB Class 12th Result 2019: Released on 11th May 2019 (Check Result)

Confident about 12th result, but not sure what to do after that? This article is just for you. Read on…

What after completing class 12th?

This question occupies each student’s mind once they complete class 12th.  Whether it’s their parents, relatives, teachers, neighbours or friends, everyone around them will ask the same question. While some students have an answer, others are confused. For those who are confused, it is best to understand all the available courses in detail. Besides, it is better to take more time in making such decisions than rushing into them and regretting it later.

The decision of pursuing any course will not only affect their professional life but will also play an essential role in their social life. Some of the most common mistakes students tend to make are; choosing the same course as of their friends or selecting the choice of their parents. So, before making the final decision, they should go through all the top courses after 12th.  Having an idea about these courses will help them in making a favourable choice.

Every student wins half of their battle by selecting a stream after class 10th. The course selection after class 12th depends on the stream chosen by them in class 10th, i.e. Science, Commerce or Arts. Furthermore, students should ask themselves about their areas of interest, skills they are good in as well as their goals in life. The answers to these questions will help them reach the course of their choice.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a right career, students should not pick the most convenient option. Instead, they should select an option that motivates them. All of us have different interests, motivations and goals. Thus, every student should select a course based on these factors and not according to someone else’s choices. We at Exams Planner will help you understand the wide range of courses available for you.

Choices after class 12th at a glance

Students in India need to choose a stream based on their aptitude and grades after completing class 10th. But the chief factor while making this decision is their interest in a subject. A student should always opt for a stream where their interest lies. Moreover, there are plenty of options available for every student in each of these streams – Science, Commerce or Arts. Here’s a brief description of all these streams after class 10th: -


Students in Science stream have the opportunity to choose from Mathematics and Biology. Thus, Science stream can further be divided into:

  • PCM (Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics)
  • PCB (Physics – Chemistry – Biology)

Career Options after Class 12th for PCB Students - Click Here

Here are the options exclusively available for the students who opt for PCM or PCB. Some students go for both Mathematics and Biology (PCMB). Such students have both the options mentioned under PCM and PCB.

Courses after 12th Science with PCM:

PCM stands for Physics, Chemistry and Maths. These subjects along with English are compulsory for this stream. It is suitable for students who have an interest in Maths and for those who wish to pursue Engineering or Architecture in the future.

  1. Engineering (B.E/ B.Tech)
  2. B.Arch
  3. B.Des Arch
  4. Integrated M.Sc Defence (Navy, Army, Airforce)
  5. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  6. Bachelor in Computer Application
  7. Bachelor in naval architecture and ocean engineering
  8. Commercial Pilot course
  9. Merchant Navy courses
  10. B.Sc. Physics
  11. B.Sc. Maths
  12. B.Sc. Chemistry
  13. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Courses after 12th Science with PCB:

PCB stands for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These subjects together with English are compulsory for this stream. Students who have an interest in Biology choose this stream. It is the best choice for individuals who wish to pursue Medical or other related careers.

  1. MBBS
  2. BAMS (Ayurvedic)
  3. BHMS (Homoeopathy)
  4. BUMS (Unani)
  5. BDS
  6. Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.VSc AH)
  7. Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science (BNYS)
  8. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  9. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  10. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  11. General Nursing
  12. Biotechnology
  13. Paramedical Courses
  14. BMLT (Medical Lab Technology)
  15. Integrated M.Sc
  16. B.Sc. Botany
  17. B.Sc. Zoology
  18. B.Sc. Nursing
  19. B.Sc. Anthropology
  20. B.Sc. Radiography
  21. B.Sc. Dairy Technology
  22. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
  23. B.Sc. Home Science
  24. B.Sc. Speech and Language Therapy
  25. B.Sc. Rehabilitation Therapy
  26. B.Sc. Occupational Therapy
  27. B.Sc. Medical Technology
  28. B.Sc. Audiology
  29. Other B.Sc. Degree

Courses after 12th Commerce:

This is one of the most popular streams among students after class 10th. In this, students get to learn about the financial and management practices. It is suitable for students who have excellent analytical skills. They can opt this stream with Maths as an additional subject. Other core subjects of Commerce are- Economics, Accounts and Business Studies.

  1. B.Com in Accounting and Commerce
  2. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  3. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  4. BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
  5. BCA (IT and Software)
  6. Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  7. Company Secretary (CS)

Courses after 12th Arts:

Gone are the days when Arts stream was for students with low scores. With changing times, this stream has also become popular among students. It offers some exceptional career options to students and is incredibly diverse.

  1. B.A. (Honors in Political Science)
  2. B.A. (Honors in Sociology)
  3. B.A. (Hons.) Economics
  4. B.A. (Hons.) Humanities and Social Sciences
  5. B.A. (Hons.) Social Work
  6. B.A. (Hons) English
  7. B.A. Programme with Functional Hindi
  8. B.A. (Honors) History
  9. B.A. (Honors) English with Journalism
  10. B.A. (Journalism)
  11. B.A. (English)
  12. B.A. (Media & Communication)
  13. B.A. (Psychology)
  14. B.A.  Tourism
  15. B.A. (Apparel Design & Merchandising)
  16. B.A. (Fine Arts)
  17. B.A. (History)
  18. B.A. (Geography)
  19. B.A. (Mass Communication)
  20. B.A. (Sociology)
  21. B.A. Economics
  22. B.A. LL.B.

Vocational Courses after 12th (not stream specific)

Vocational courses are not stream-specific. They allow students to do something different than the usual courses and will enable them to learn new skills. With these courses, students gain practical knowledge and prepare for a specialised career.  There are various programs which are fit for students and makes them job ready. One of the advantages of selecting these courses is that they can be taken online as well.  Other than that, there are few courses which are not expensive and are of shorter duration.

  1. B.Des. (Accessory Design)
  2. B.Des. (Fashion Design)
  3. B.Des. (Textile Design)
  4. B.Des. (Interior Design)
  5. B.Des. (Ceramic Design)
  6. B.Des. (Game Design)
  7. B.Des. (Leather Design)
  8. B.Des. (Multimedia Design)
  9. B.Des. (Jewellery & Metalsmithing Design)
  10. B.Des. (Graphic Design)
  11. B.Des. (Industrial Design)
  12. B.Des. (Knitwear Design)
  13. B.Sc Games & Interactive Media from Sheffield Hallam University
  14. B.Sc Multimedia & Animation
  15. B.Sc (Electronics Media)
  16. B.Sc (Hons) Digital Art & Technology
  17. B.Sc (Hospitality Studies)
  18. B.Sc (Mass Communication Journalism & Advertising)
  19. B.Sc in Animation (Distance Education)
  20. B.Sc in Fashion Designing & Apparel Designing
  21. B.Sc in Jewellery & Metalsmithing Design
  22. B.Sc in Fashion Technology
  23. B.Sc in Textile Design
  24. B.Sc in Interior Design
  25. Bachelor in Environmental Management
  26. Bachelor in Foreign Trade Management
  27. Bachelor in Foreign Language
  28. Diploma in Retail Management
  29. Diploma in Textile and Leather Designing
  30. Diploma in Human Resources
  31. Diploma in Banking
  32. Diploma in Company Secretaryship
  33. Diploma in Infrastructure and Construction
  34. Diploma in Marketing
  35. Diploma in Interior Designing
  36. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  37. Diploma in Hotel Management
  38. Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  39. Diploma in Tourism Management
  40. Diploma in TV/Filming Courses
  41. Diploma in Foreign Language
  42. Air Hostess
  43. Anchoring
  44. Animation Film Making
  45. Animation Master
  46. Advance Diploma in 3D Animation- Expert
  47. Advance Diploma in 3D Animation
  48. Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing
  49. Advance Diploma in Interior Designing
  50. Advance Hair Diploma Holder
  51. Advanced Diploma in Digital Animation (Diploma in VFX & Animation)
  52. Advanced Diploma in Multimedia
  53. Foreign languages courses

We hope the information provided here would help you in making a well-informed career decision. Also, check out the - Top Professional Courses after 12th.


Rupesh Verma - May 16, 2020REPLY

I wanna become to air hosted to my age.24.

Exams Planner - May 23, 2020REPLY

You need to get admission in the air hostess training programme.

Arshu - April 16, 2020REPLY

I want to go for BPT...which exam i have to attend for this??

Exams Planner - May 1, 2020REPLY

Some universities conduct entrance exam for the course while others offer direct admission. You can check out the university you are interested in.

G.kathirvel - April 6, 2020REPLY

What course can do after 12th . I am computer science group What can I do????????

Devika - April 3, 2020REPLY

I wish to become a air hostess but the age criteria is 18 to 26 so what can I do after 26 ?

Exams Planner - April 6, 2020REPLY

You can check out institutes for there eligibility criteria. Some institutes might offer admission.

himanshu - January 15, 2020REPLY

Does the course matters more than the college or the vice versa.

Exams Planner - January 25, 2020REPLY

Both the course and college are important. In the case of college, you must check the placement record while for the course your interest matters.

Mounika - December 5, 2019REPLY

Is it possible to do BA+MA at the same time in regular mode??

Exams Planner - January 3, 2020REPLY

No. You need to have a graduation degree for pursuing PG degree.

vignesh waran - December 1, 2019REPLY

is it right to choose aeronautical course after 12th because I choose bio -mat group?

Exams Planner - January 3, 2020REPLY

Yes, you can pursue the course if you are interested in that.

shivensen - November 26, 2019REPLY

There are endless options for science students after 12th it totally depends students where he wants to pursue his or her carrier they can go for neet and become a doctor they can also go for Pharmacy and become a pharmacist there is one advance course these days which students are choosing to make there carrier bright that is Radiology because these days as a growing phase of science most of the hospitals and health centers need radiologist, radiology devide in many segments such a as MRI Radio

ankush - November 26, 2019REPLY

D Pharma or Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional degree in pharmacy stream. D Pharma course duration is six years in total inclusive of 5 years of learning and one year of internship for practical learning. The only doctoral degree that can be pursued right after passing 10+2 qualifying examinations. Moreover ,D Pharma can also be pursued by B Pharma graduates by seeking admissions to lateral entry course i.e. D Pharma (Post Baccalaureate).

prabhas puri - October 19, 2019REPLY

There are many career options to choose from after 10+2. The choice is based on the personal interest, future scope of industry and career growth opportunities. After 12th you have lots of career options like, , BBA, etc. Students who like to play with Machines, Students who want to create something new using their brains, Engineering is the best career for them . if you want to pursue your career in technical field, then is good. If you are looking for top engineering college

himanshu - January 15, 2020REPLY

Yes I complete agree with you

Atul singh - September 11, 2019REPLY

I have passed hsc with low percent 35 i cant decide what to do course

Exams Planner - May 23, 2020REPLY

You need to specify the field.

Prithviraj - May 17, 2020REPLY

What college offer best studies in this field

Exams Planner - September 19, 2019REPLY

You can go for professional courses such as event management, retail management, fashion designing, interior designing, etc. There are a lot of other courses you can pursue.

Rahul jha - September 6, 2019REPLY

Diploma in hotel management is a good choice .?

Exams Planner - September 10, 2019REPLY

If you are interested in doing hotel management, you must go for UG course instead of a diploma for better opportunities.

Vanshika Kedia - July 23, 2019REPLY

Greetings, I am planning to do mass comm. But i wanted to have some other course along with it, am I planning to do right or not , if i peruse then what should i opt for.

Exams Planner - July 26, 2019REPLY

Yes, you can go for it.

Vanshika Kedia - July 26, 2019REPLY

Thank you , if i take training for cabin crew, or something else than language courses.

Exams Planner - July 26, 2019REPLY

You can do a language course or any other course in the related field.

ishant - July 6, 2019REPLY

Thanks for sharing such helpful information with all of us I appreciate your effort of writing a value able piece of content on courses after 12th.

Swarna - May 6, 2019REPLY

Sir please help me ,after 12th law is best course or not

Exams Planner - May 6, 2019REPLY

Yes you can do it. Its a good course.

Jitendra Kumar - April 2, 2019REPLY

thanks sir

xylem - March 3, 2019REPLY

I have completed my 12th commerce and was looking for different career options before me. 12th coaching in JaipurThat’s when I came across this blog that listed out the career opportunities for students like me

seema - February 27, 2019REPLY

Digital marketing is the booming industry and there is numerous job opportunity in this field. Its a best course after 12th you can explore digital marketing opportunities in the following fields: 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 3. Email Marketing 4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 5. Content Marketing 6. Web Analytics

Komal Kothari - February 24, 2019REPLY

From a commerce badground can I do English honors ?

Exams Planner - March 7, 2019REPLY

Yes. Most of the colleges ask for the subject to be studied in class 12th. If you have studied English as one of the subject in class 12th, you can do honours.

Jatin Kumar Shrivastav - February 23, 2019REPLY

I must say this post one of the best posts for clearing mind about choosing the best courses after 12th

Joyalin - January 15, 2019REPLY


Neha Jain - December 26, 2018REPLY

Known to be the mainstay of Indian economy Agriculture includes Dairying, Poultry Farming and Horticulture apart from production of Fruits, Vegetables and food grains. In this field there are many options available like research and teaching. one can select among these courses after 12th science in agriculture If you are Looking for Agriculture college so Quantum University is the best option for Agriculture in Uttarakhand