Private and Government Scholarship Programs

What is Scholarship?

Basically, an award of financial support or financial aid, a scholarship helps students aim for higher education. Unlike a loan, scholarship money need not be paid back and is endorsed by various institutions –government, non-government and private organizations. To be eligible for this extraordinary feat, a student must showcase his talent either in academics or in other prominent fields. One can avail government scholarship as well as private scholarship based on the need and requirement. Scholarships are of different types. Merit-based, need-based, student-specific, career specific, creative content, athletic and brand scholarships.

Scholarship Awareness:

India is an ultimate repository of talent, skill and knowledge. Its foundation is the young generation that comprises more than 50% of its total population. What if this particular population is deprived of right education? According to a recent survey, a huge number of students in India fail to realize their dreams of becoming something in life. The major hindrance is adequate resource i.e. financial support. Education in India has become quite a costly affair. Since not everyone can afford it, scholarship turns out to be the only rescuer, rendering hopes to millions of capable, needy souls. The demand of scholarship is now compelling than ever.

But the saddest part is the majority of students are not aware of this. As a result, many such amazing scholarship programs remain unclenched. ExamsPlanner takes a step forward and disseminates knowledge about such a wonderful initiative to all the meritorious scholars, parents and learned personnel.

Why Do Students Need Scholarship?

The one and only objective of this scheme is to provide monetary assistance to skilled and commendable students so that they can fulfill their dreams. Since the hefty scholarship amount is offered by varsities, government institutions and private companies, one can see his dream coming true. Study in USA or in any other foreign land is no more a distant dream. High costs can no longer hold your zeal back as you can avail scholarship in USA offered by the USA varsities and government.