Last 7 Days Preparation Tips for CAT

Last Modified: 03 Mar 2024

This year the Common Admission Test or CAT Exam 2022 is on the 27th of November. The candidates have a few days left in their hands before the examination. They are now busy rushing through the last-minute preparations. The anxiety level of the aspirants must be at its peak. We hope that they have already completed all the important topics of all three sections. And now, they are working on the practice and mock tests before the final showdown. Here are some great tips which will definitely help in the last-minute Preparation to Crack CAT exam 2022.

Mock Test: Instead of taking the full mock test, now you should concentrate on the sectional mock test. And most importantly, evaluate those mock tests and revise them.

Speed: How many questions you can attempt is decided by the speed. You need to build a clear strategy for time management.

  • 8 minutes to read the passage in VA and 1.5 minutes to answer each questions’
  • 2 minutes per question for Quantitative Aptitude
  • Maximum 8 minutes for the set of 4 questions for Logic
  • Maximum 8 minutes for the set of 4 questions for DI

Try to maintain the timeframe in the mock test during the last week.

Accuracy: Your command over the subject will determine the success of the examination. The accuracy of the subject helps you to attempt a maximum number of questions during the examination.

Alternate Method: You must learn more than one way to solve the problem. It will improve your problem-solving skill. There are different ways of "Direct Method, Substitution Method, Elimination Method, Observation Method and Simultaneous Method".

 Alternating Study Style: Continuous focus on a subject for hours will make you frustrated. It is better to take a break and change the topic of the study. It is also a great way to eliminate fatigue and confusion.

Revision Instead of Exploring: Do not try to explore new untouched topics now. Learning new areas can confuse you. Try to revise the topics you have already read and learned again and again.

Fast Reading: For a better result in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, it is always better to practice fast reading. It will help the students to waste time reading the passage. You can take 1 minute to read 100 words and another 1 minute to note the details. A rigorous practice will help the candidates to perform better in the RC section.   

Take Care of Health: Do not ignore your health while preparing for the CAT exam. If you indulge in the study without taking rest and proper food, then the fatigue can take a toll on your health on the exam day. So take adequate sleep, eat healthy food and try a little exercise to perform best in the examination hall.

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