IIM Bill Cleared by Union Cabinet; now IIM can grant Degrees of MBA

Published on : 24th January 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Exams Planner Jan. 24 / 2017 – In a significant move the Union Cabinet has cleared the controversial IIM Bill, 2017 in its latest parliamentary session. The proposed Bill aims at elevating the status of IIM’s by declaring it as the Institute of National Importance, on par with IIT’s, NIT’s, and AIIMS. Henceforth the IIM’s like these institutes will be able to award ‘Degrees’ to its students.

At present the IIM’s which comprises of 20 colleges can grant only ‘Diploma’ to its students. The reason being, IIM’s are registered as societies under the Society act, under which they are permitted to run only ‘Diploma’ and ‘Fellowship’ programmes. Although the ‘Diploma’ awarded by IIM’s have wide recognition, nevertheless, students suffer when it comes to the universal acceptance and recognition by foreign universities.

The IIM Bill was originally drafted in 2015 by the then Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani. The Bill then had brought the controversy that this would increase the government interference into the functioning of the premier institution that would undermine its independent functioning.

However, the present version of the IIM Bill, 2017 is different. It preserves all the authoritative power of the institution in all matters. There will be Board of Governors to take all important decisions relating to the institution.

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