Fee Hike At IIM Ahmedabad

Published on : 27th March 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Examsplanner March 27th, 2017: The authorities of top most reputed Management College, IIM Ahmedabad has decided to increase the fee by 7.7% from the year 2017. The fee hike is done for the Post Graduate Programme in management and Post Graduate Programme in Agri and Food Business Management. The fee hike has been done due to the increase in the inflation rate.

Now the fee for the post graduate programme would be ₹ 21 lakhs from the year 2017, which has been increased from 19.5 lakh of the previous year. The increased amount of the fee would include tuition fee, library fee, accommodation etc. The IIM Ahmedabad has increased its fee previously also from ₹ 18.5 lakh to 19.5 lakh.

The IIM Ahmedabad holds a different reputation among all the IIM’s. It is known for its reasonable fee and financial aid to candidates from weak financial background. It facilitates financial help to around 33% of its candidates. On being inquired about the fee hike, authorities said that the inflation and the implementation of the 7th pay commission are some of the reasons behind the decision. However it assured that the college will continue to support candidates from weak financial background like earlier and no deserving candidates will be left out by the college.

This step of IIM Ahmedabad is being replicated by other IIM institutions also. The IIM Lucknow has also announced to increase its fee by 15% from the academic year 2017-2019. If approved by  the board of governors the fee would increase from 14 lakh to 16 lakh.

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