How to Prepare for JEE Main Exam in One Month?

Last Modified: 14 Apr 2024

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the prestigious exams in the country. The exam is conducted for admission to engineering programmes offered by IIITs, NITs, CFTIs, SFITs, and other colleges. The exam is also the qualifying exam for appearing in the JEE Advanced exam which is conducted for admission to prestigious IITs.

Important Update - The January 2020 session of the JEE Main exam has been successfully conducted from 6th to 11th January 2020. However, the April session exam has been postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak. The new exam dates have not been announced yet.

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Candidates start preparing for this exam from class XI onwards. Some students also begin their preparation from class IX onwards. While here we will be discussing the preparation tips for such candidates who start their preparations late. In other words, we will be discussing the tips for JEE Main preparation in one month. We know it is not easy to compete with those preparing for two or three years. But, if you will follow these tips, you will get through the exam. As you have studied for the class XII board exam and the syllabus of JEE Main exam is based on class XI and XII curriculum, focusing on some tips can help you score the qualifying marks. Also, do remember that there is no shortcut to success. Thus, you need to work very hard for one month preparation.

Preparing for JEE Main in One Month

Here are some common strategies for JEE Main preparation in one month. In the next section ahead, we have also covered subject-wise preparation tips.

Practice. Practice. Practice

Practice as many sample papers as you can. Solve previous years’ question paper multiple times. Do not look for the solutions without attempting the questions. You can also work on building your shortcuts. Practising the question papers will help you in identifying the important topics.

Avoid Distractions

Avoid all distractions such as mobile phones, television, social gatherings, or any other. You need to strictly stay away from your phones for one month to crack the exam. And, if you want to use the mobile phone for study then stick to it. Don’t go to any other app.

Increase Study Hours

For those who start their preparation early, six hours of study each day are enough. But, as you are starting the preparation one month before the exam, make a time-table for a minimum of 12 hours of study. If you stretch the study hours to 15 on some days that will also work. However, don’t forget to take breaks between sessions to keep your mind focused.

Physical and Mental Health

Don’t ignore your physical and mental health. Involve in small morning walks, physical activity, meditation, yoga. You can utilise the break session for meditation to relax your mind. Eat healthy food. 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night is necessary. You can also take naps in between your study sessions. Just avoid over-sleeping during the day.

Mock Tests

Many online websites offer mock tests for JEE Main exam. Mock tests are similar to the exam. They are designed as per the exam pattern and candidates are required to complete the test within the given duration (as of the JEE Main exam). So, appearing in mock tests gives an idea of the real exam. Candidates can work on their exam day strategy, time management, accuracy, etc. It is advised to appear for as many mock tests as they can.

JEE Main Exam Previous Years Solved Papers

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While giving the mock test or solving the previous years’ question papers, take note of the topics which you answered incorrectly and those which took more time to answer. Doing this will help you in identifying the topics which you are comfortable with and those which require revision. Now, start your revision before appearing for the next mock test. If you find any topic difficult to understand from books, you can refer to video tutorials online. Make small notes while studying topics, these will help in revision.

Preparation Strategies for All Three Subjects

The JEE Main exam is conducted for three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Preparation Tips for Physics Paper

Physics involve numerical questions based on various formulas. So, focusing on the formulas and

  • Make notes of all the important formula.
  • Learn and practice the shortcut tricks.
  • Don’t waste time on understanding complicated topics.
  • Don’t attempt lengthy questions in the exam.

Preparation Tips for Chemistry Paper

  • Solve the exercises at the end of each topic.
  • Refer to NCERT books for clearing basic concepts. Most of the questions in inorganic chemistry are from NCERT.
  • Learn the important chemical reactions and formulas.
  • For organic chemistry, focus only on easy topics.
  • For physical chemistry, prepare the easy and moderate topics which can be covered in a month time.

Preparation Tips for Mathematics Paper

  • In Mathematics, practice is the key to success. Practice as many questions as you can.
  • Learn the tricks for solving questions quickly.
  • Work on improving your accuracy and speed.
  • Avoid lengthy topics and chapters.
  • Focus on the topics where questions are formula based.
IIT JEE Main Preparation Books for Physics, Chemistry and Maths - Click Here

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Some Points for the JEE Main Exam Day

Avoiding these common mistakes on the exam day will surely add to your JEE Main score:

  • Don’t waste time on lengthy and complicated questions.
  • Don’t get distracted by what the other students are doing in the examination hall.
  • Don’t make any mistakes while marking the answers.
  • Don’t panic during the exam.

We advise students to stay calm during the exam. Attempt the questions which you are sure about at first. Don’t think much about the result after the exam. Even if you don’t get through this time, prepare for the next exam.

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