Career in Tourism Industry with Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS) from IGNOU

Published on : 9th March 2018
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A career in Travel and Tourism Industry demands for self-confidence and strong interpersonal skills. With humans’ tendency to visit new places and find an escape from their monotonous routine, travel industry will always have ample job opportunities for skilled and confident aspirants. Thus, pursuing a course in Tourism Studies will certainly shape a bright career. Search for such a course has brought you here. So, scroll down and read about the best course in Tourism Studies.

The Diploma Course in Tourism Studies from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) through distance learning mode is the best in terms of cost, duration, quality and acceptance. This course is perfectly designed for those who are in dearth of time, cannot afford a huge fee, don’t have access to such courses in their area, and want to get a job at earliest. It is also a good option for those who are already working in the Tourism industry and want to acquire a formal education degree in the field.

Let’s begin with the course details:

Diploma in Tourism Studies (DTS) from IGNOU

Diploma in Tourism Studies from IGNOU is a distance mode course. In this course, students can choose the operational area of tourism studies in which they want to specialise. Here are the complete details about the course:

Minimum Duration

The minimum duration of the course is 1 year.

Maximum Duration

Students can complete the course in a maximum duration of 4 years.


Candidate must have gained 10+2 level of education or completed the BPP course from IGNOU.

Course Fee

₹ 3,500

Course Overview

It is a 36 credit course where a student has to study 3 compulsory core courses and one elective along with a project related to that elective.

Medium of Instruction

Both English and Hindi are used as a medium of instruction. IGNOU also offers other services to ensure that students do not face any issue in completing their distance mode programmes. Such services are:

  • Teleconferencing
  • Audio-Video Programme
  • Radio Cunselling


Teleconferencing is a one-way video and two-way audio facility session offered by the university on monthly basis. During such session, students can interact with experts and clear their study related doubts. To avail this facility, students have to visit the nearest Regional centre or their selected study centres. These teleconferencing sessions are useful for students to get help in their studies.

Audio Video Programme

Audio-Video programme is in the form of cassettes which are available at all study centres. Students can hire these cassettes to understand the course content.

Radio Conferencing

Radio counselling is conducted through FM and students can ask their questions via toll free telephone number. The number provided on the official IGNOU website is 110012345.

After completing this short-term course, candidates can look forward for a job in tourism industry, set up a start-up or go for higher studies. Diploma in Tourism Studies offers diverse opportunities.

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