How IGNOU Promotes Open Learning across India?

Last Modified: 11 May 2024

Open learning from the sources of IGNOU is running at a fast pace. Students are now showing immense interest in the various educational programs of the university with a new thought and admiration.

In all these, the old school methods were not helping much, plus the students were having a hard time connecting with the regional centres located within their reach. To cut down the problems, IGNOU Student Zone has been launched.

Why Has IGNOU Designed Student Zone?

We are living in the 21st century, and it would be wrong to dwell with the existing methods even today. The level of education is increasing and requires students to stay updated with what’s happening in their institute. In addition to this, it is difficult for the students to keep a hold of every notification, results, study materials, etc. which are being issued by IGNOU from time to time. For that reason, IGNOU has come up with the student zone, so that the students can stay connected with the happenings of the Open University from one place. It is only for the IGNOU candidates and their better future.

Vital Elements of IGNOU Student Zone

Several grounds of this corner have made the idea successful, and we are listing down all the major contributors here under this section.

Online Admission

IGNOU has completely revamped its working style, and online admission is one of its examples. If you are an IGNOU student, it might be relatable, but for the new ones, online admission is open. In the past days, IGNOU used to take admissions only through the offline mode, but now all the students who meet the eligibility as per the programs offered here can opt for online mode. The process is seamless as it is based on instructions and nothing else. Along with this, the admission cycle of IGNOU is conducted for two times, i.e. January and June. Now, you will not have to travel to the regional centres to conclude the admission process. 

IGNOU Mobile App

The mobile app is a useful way to reach students all over the country. With the help of the IGNOU mobile app, the students can know about all the required details, result, admit card, grade card, identity card and a lot more. One can download it either from the Student Zone section from the IGNOU website or even from the Google Playstore.


Registration and Re-registration

All the students who have applied for admission in IGNOU can simply know their admission or registration status through this app. Just enter the registration number and the results will be seen. Also, IGNOU Student Zone allows the students to access online re-registration. It means, if you are applying for the second, third or subsequent status, from here it can be done.

Program Details and Its Announcements

No matter which educational program of IGNOU that you are willing to participate in, all the details will be available here. Along with this, in this section, you can directly hop for various announcements made by the university. You will have the direct control of the news concerning admissions, etc. in one single click.

Study Materials and Forms Have Gone Online

IGNOU has been sending the study materials of each course to the enrolled students. But in case, the students wish to study through virtual methods, there is an option for the same. The e-resources for most of the programs can be accessible and will prove excellent for self-learning. Even the candidates can jump for the forms they are willing for like admission, re-admission, duplicate provisional certificate etc. too.

Online Results

In the student zone, a student will also get the benefit to know about the result just the time it has been announced. Apart from the notification, it will also let you download the results instantly through the fewer clicks only.

Downloads for Almost Everything

IGNOU allows its students to enjoy a quick download of everything they need - from admission forms to previous question papers, prospectus, syllabus structure, online assignments, study materials, e-resources etc. the whole lot can be gained from this corner.

Notification through SMS

By now, you must be dealing with the thought; you have to stay in touch with the Students corner for updates constantly. And by any chance, if you missed the notifications, new problems will start. Well, there is nothing like that. You can get the alerts of notification directly in your phone inbox every time. So, enter a valid and responsible mobile number to avoid any disruptions.


Via student zone, one can connect with Akashdeep as well as Gyandeep community portals. These are for the armed personnel who are interested in pursuing education in any of the IGNOU programs. The details, admission process etc. will be found under this zone.

Grade Card

It is given to the students after completing 45 days of the examination. The students will receive the notification timely. They can check the grade card in which they will know about the grades scored in the subjects individually.

The section of student zone has several advantages that are responsible for making it popular among the students. It aids the students in understanding every minute detail concerning the course along with the notifications. Plus, the students can sit in their comforting zone and explore the courses, program structure and other information. The brief analysis is enough for one to know about programs of IGNOU and then to come to a conclusion.

IGNOU will no more trouble you to go and meet the officials of regional centres every time for any work. These promotional ways are the resort for all the students who are approaching the Open University from any corner of India. So, if you are wishing to be a part of IGNOU Student Zone, don’t sit back and learn more about the course etc. from the student zone now.