Getting Smart with GATE Exam 2018 Checklist

Last Modified: 27 Feb 2024

With the availability of admit card, GATE exam 2018 is knocking at the door of all aspirants. The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering is schedule on 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th February 2018.  The exam will be held on two sessions; forenoon and afternoon. Almost 10 lakhs students are preparing in full swing for M. Tech admission and PSU selection. Apart from academic preparation, candidates must ensure that they will get ready to tackle the strenuous situation before exam. Here is the checklist of action, on should follow during these last hours.

  1. Things Need to Read: It’s not possible to revise whole syllabus in these few days. You need to keep ready important notes of formula and definition and look them up whenever you will get time. You need to keep in mind the formulas as you need to use them frequently during the exam. Your basic concepts should be comprehensible. If you have any confusion till now, then this is your last chance to clear them with help of your senior or mentor. Work on your weaker area and if anything still seems sticky then avoid indulging in it further. 
  2. Practice Mock Test: Mock test is very important tool to evaluate the preparation level of candidates. It will help you to find out the weaker section as well as the strongest section of whole syllabus. It will improve your time management skill. After evaluation of mock tests, you can chalk the right exam strategy of which sections you have to answer first and which questions need more time and patience to solve. This is kind of trial run of the exam day. Mock test helps aspirants to prepare mentally, psychologically and strategically.
  3. Keep Ready Things You Need To Carry: You need to carry all the important documents to the GATE exam centre. Remember no candidate is allowed to enter exam hall without those required papers. So it is always better to prepare beforehand to avoid any confusion at the last moment. Make sure the print out of admit card is colour, clear and legible. You need to carry an original and valid Photo ID to the centre. You can take one pen, pencil and eraser along with you as borrowing inside the hall is not acceptable. Carry your own water bottle to avoid losing precious time during the exam.
  4. Don’t Carry The Banned Items: GATE exam aspirants are not allowed to carry few things within the hall. If any candidate can be seen with any of those items, his or her candidature will be cancelled. So never carry mobile phone, physical calculator, Bluetooth headphone, wrist watch with calculation facility, any kind of papers and any sort of electronic gadget. There will be no place to safe-keep any valuable belongings.
  5. Activities On the D-Day: There will be two different session for the exam. All candidates are requested to arrive respective centre at least 60 minutes before the schedule time None will be allowed to enter exam hall after that time. They can enter the hall and take seats 35 minutes before exam will start. For computer based exam, aspirants are allowed to log in 20 minutes before the exam. During the exam session, no candidate can leave the exam centre.          

You need to stay calm and relax before the exam. Do not take too much mental pressure which may leading poor performance on the D-Day. Check all the important things you need for the success of GATE exam 2018.

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