CAT Exam 2022: Last Minute Suggestions

Last Modified: 15 May 2024

The Common Entrance Test has finally reached its D-Day. You have less than 24 hours for the examination. So, brace yourself well for giving your best performance. Though it is considered the toughest entrance examination in India, remember it is not impossible. Every year thousands of candidates qualify for the examination. Just keep calm and de-stress yourself before the big day of the CAT Exam Paper 2022.

In the last day of the exam, we see that a number of students make mistake out of stress. Forgetting important documents and nervous breakdown are some of the troubles they confront. Here we are listing 5 most important last minute suggestions which will help you to stay focus before the examination.

  • Revision Strategy: We are all aware of the importance of last minute preparation before the examination. Focus on your time management and improve the skill if required. Make your own list of priority based on your weakness and strength and start the revision accordingly. Do not start anything new. If something is untouched, then keep it untouched for now. Check your speed and accuracy rate. You can check the online resources for any last minute suggestion.
  • Don’t Try Mock Test: Never try any mock test just a day before the exam. Trust that your preparation has completed. You have nothing new to explore. A mock test now can only demoralize you. Any question which you may not able to crack can low your confidence. So it is suggested that, don’t take any mock test now.
  • Sleep Well: The most required thing right now for you is a good night sleep. A sound sleep is associated with the better performance next day. According to the CAT coaching classes’ tutors, many students keep awake during the night and doze off in the examination center. A sound sleep will keep you energetic and your brain fresh resulting more accuracy and speed especially for the Logical Reasoning section.
  • Avoid Banned Items: This Computer based exam does not need any stationary items like pen or pencil. For rough work, you will be provided a pen and paper which you have to return after the examination. There are lots of items which you cannot take to the examination center. Things like calculator (there will be on-screen timer), any documents other than admit card and identity proof, stationary items, watch and timer (onscreen will be provided) and closed shoes with socks are prohibited in the examination hall. However, you can wear open shoes like sandals and chappals on the day. Do not apply mehendi at least 5 days prior to the exam as you need to provide the finger prints to the invigilators.
  • Don’t Forget the Requirements: Many times few students forget to take their admit cards or identity proof out of stress before the exam. So keep ready the admit card and identity proof before going to the examination. It is advisable to reach the examination center one hour prior to the reporting time.

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