Crack CAT Exam 2017 Interview With These Tips

Last Modified: 24 Feb 2024

Interview is the most personal and important part of the selection process. This is the stage when the candidate will face the Board for the first time. Not only the knowledge of the subject will be counted, from the appearance to the manners of the candidate will be scrutinized for the selection. The interview board can ask you questions regarding your life, your view on life and different other things. Some of the questions may seem trivial and casual but they hold importance. This round is to gauge you as a person and as a professional in all the sphere of life.

Here we will discuss some points which will help you to prepare well for the interview.

  • Do Homework: Before appearing for the interview, do your homework very well. Prepare the questions on the goal of your life, your future plan, history of the institutions, reason to choose the particular institution etc. Try to answer all these questions well along with the common and important MBA questions. 
  • Study the CV Well: Your CV is the key of your personality to the interview board. Try to explore all the details regarding your skills, work experience and hobbies.
  • Be Natural: Always try to be in your natural self. Don’t try to put a mask or pretend someone you are not. The interviewers can see the real you with their experience eyes. This will be counted as a negative point for the selection process.  
  • Mock Interview: Try to enroll yourself in some coaching class for mock interview. It will help you to have an assessment before the big day. You can improve on the basis of the feedback given by the mock interviewer.
  • Prepare for Open Ended Question: Open ended questions can give you the lead for the interview. So prepare for it very well. Prepare very well for the ‘Introduce yourself’ section which will give you the chance to convey the message of what you want during the interview.
  • Avoid Repetition: If the interviewer will ask you to ‘tell me more about yourself’, do not repeat the same thing which you have already said. Try to organize your answer as per the importance and priority. Make a list of things which you may add in your introduction section but not as much important. You can explain those points later on the section.        

Here the Exam Planner team is wishing you a very best of luck for the CAT Exam interview round. If you have any queries regarding the interview round you can mail us.


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