CBSE New Directive To Count NEET 2017 As The First Attempt

Published on : 8th February 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Examsplanner February 8, 2017:  The MCI (Medical Council of India) has pulled up the strings of CBSE to revise its earlier decision of putting an upper cap on age limit in the NEET 2017 exam and to restrict the number of attempts to only three. In a further move MCI in consultation with the CBSE has scrapped the criteria of eligibility set in the NEET 2017 Examination notification.

The CBSE in its NEET 2017 examination notification issued has put certain conditions of eligibility upon candidates who applied for the exam. The two controversial criteria of eligibility which restricted large numbers of candidates from taking the NEET 2017 exams were – the limitations of attempting the exam to only thrice and putting an age limit of 25 years on the general candidate. Many students could not apply for the NEET 2017 exam due to these two newly introduced criteria of eligibility for the exam.

This led to the criticism and public outcry over the autocratic behaviour of the MCI and CBSE. The Ministry of Health and family welfare thus made intervention into the matter and sought clarification from the Medical Council of India over the introduction of the latest criteria of eligibility in the NEET 2017 Exam. The MCI in turn directed CBSE to revise its newly introduced criteria.

Now as per the revised directive of the CBSE the NEET 2017 Exam will be counted as the first attempt for all medical students uniformly. Even when they might have taken the NEET Exam earlier, their attempt of NEET 2017 Exam will be counted as the first attempt only. Those candidates, who did not applied for the exam due to their ineligibility as per the new criteria, now will be able to apply for the NEET 2017 Exam. The CBSE has made necessary changes in the application form of the NEET 2017 for this. Candidates can visit the official website of the CBSE to fill the examination form for the NEET 2017.

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