Top 10 Stress Busters During CAT Exam 2022

Last Modified: 16 Apr 2024

As the 27th of November is approaching, it’s quite natural that the candidates feel huge stress thinking about D-Day. But this stress can harm you from performing your best in the exam hall. So you need to do some stress buster to stay relaxed during the examination. Here are the 10 best stress busters which will you help you to stay calm and focused.

Sleep Enough: You need 7-8 hours of adequate sleep to help your brain to perform better. You have 16 hours a day which you can utilize in a productive way. The candidates who skip their daily quota of sleep have poor concentration levels. A sleep-deprived student cannot compete with a candidate with a fresh mind.

Break: Never study at a stretch for long hours. You should take small breaks at regular intervals. When you study for long hours without taking a break, your retention power will be low. So study for two hours and take a break for 10 minutes for fun and come back to study in a cheerful mood.

Exercise:  You should engage yourself in light exercise for 30 minutes in the morning. It will help you to improve your concentration power. A session in the fresh air or a small stroll with your pet will lift your mood definitely

Healthy Diet: It is a proven fact that people who have their breakfast regularly have more concentration levels. Their high energy level will help them to perform better in the exam. You should not skip any of your meals during this time. Have a healthy diet consisting of milk, cereals, green vegetables, fruits, and protein. And don’t have junk food while preparing for the exam.

Think Positive: Getting a chance in CAT Entrance Exam 2022  is tough but not impossible. So always think positively and beat those stresses by yourself. Try to control your mind when it gets paralyzed by catastrophic negative thoughts and diverts them into a productive way.

Don’t Believe in Rumors: Don’t believe in any kind of rumors regarding the exam, pattern, syllabus, or anything else. If you get any information, check it on the official website.

Unwind: Indulge yourself at least for 30 minutes in your favorite activity, like watching TV, surfing the net, playing sports, or listening to songs. Too much stress and pressure can hamper your positive energy.

Break the Boredom: If any subject is taking a toll on your brain, take a shot from the subject. Start something new and get back to the subject later. 

Realistic Target: Set a realistic target for your daily preparation. If you set some unrealistic target, you will never meet it and will be stressed. So set an attainable target and read thoroughly.

Don’t Discuss Syllabus: Do not discuss with your friends how much syllabus you have covered already and how much is left, and how much your friends have already covered. If any of them has covered more than you, you will feel stress automatically.

I hope these tips will help you to stay stress-free during the exam.

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