To Continue Receiving Scholarship Benefit, Link Bank Account with Aadhaar

Last Modified: 21 Feb 2024

As per the new directives of the Government of India, students should link their bank account id with the Aadhar number. Only after the linkage of the bank account number of the students with their Aadhar number, the transfer of payments will be made under the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer). Thus henceforth, all students who want the scholarship benefit should link their bank account with their Aadhaar ID.

Link your Bank Account with Aadhaar in the following steps

  • Apply for the Aadhaar Card. The beneficiary students should get registered for the Aadhaar Card at their nearest centre.
  • Students should consult the university authority to know if they should open their bank-account with any particular bank to receive the scholarship benefits or it can be transferred to any bank.  
  • In the final step, students should link their Aadhaar Card with their Bank Account. The two can be linked either offline or online through a simple process. A general instruction has been issued to everybody to link their all important documents with Aadhaar Card by 18th March 2018.
  • Students can link their scholarship bank account with their Aadhaar Card online through the internet banking.

Steps to be followed

  • Students should login into their banking account.
  • They should find the option ‘Seeding with the Aadhaar Card’.
  • It will provide them with the space to fill their Aadhaar Number.
  • Students should fill their Aadhaar Number correctly. Then click on the submit button.

Upon the submission of the application for the Aadhaar Card linkage, the bank does verification in few days.