22 Women Scholarships which Girl Students should not Miss!

Last Modified: 14 Apr 2024

Women education plays a central role in bringing about the development of society. An educated woman is a great resource for a family and society. With their participation, the perfect picture of development can be painted. Thus, a progressive society must find ways for educating women.

Fortunately, the Government of India and many private organisations have come forward with numerous scholarship schemes to provide financial support to girls and women aiming to pursue their studies. Here is a list of all important scholarship schemes -

Scholarship Scheme of Government of India for Women and Girls -

AICTE Pragati Scholarship Scheme

Under Pragati Scholarship scheme, financial support is given to girl students for pursuing technical education from an AICTE recognised college/ institution. The tuition fee up to ₹ 30, 000 is reimbursed in addition to a monthly stipend ₹ 2000 for 10 months. An applicant should have taken admission in any technical degree or diploma course.

  • Applications are invited in October/ November.

Begum Hazrat Mahal Scholarship Scheme

Under Begum Hazrat Mahal Scholarship Scheme, the meritorious girl students of the national minority communities (Christian, Sikh, Muslim, Parsis, Jains, and Buddhists) receive financial support to complete their school education (Class 10th and Class 12th).

  • For Class 9th and 10th – Tuition fee benefits up to ₹10,000 is paid.
  • For Class 11th and 12th – Tuition fee up to ₹ 12,000 is paid.
  • Applications are invited in October/ November.

CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship scheme

Under the CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship scheme, such girl students who are the single child of their parent and have passed Class 10th get ₹ 500 on the monthly basis for 2 years. Interested students can apply through the online application by entering their Roll Number and Certificate Number.

Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship Scheme

Under Swami Vivekananda Scholarship scheme, the single girl child of a family gets the scholarship for pursuing higher education. The beneficiary student gets ₹ 25,000 (as JRF) and ₹ 28,000 (as SRF) on the monthly basis for 5 years. Additional benefits are also provided to students.

Lady Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarship Scheme

  • Under the Lady Meherbai scholarship scheme, financial support is provided to those meritorious women who want to pursue their studies abroad. The scholarship amount is adjustable to the amount charged by the university. The applicant should have obtained Graduation degree from a recognised university or college and should have been invited for admission in the recognized university/ college abroad in UK, USA, or Europe.

Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women

Under Postdoctoral Fellowship for women, financial support is given to unemployed Ph. D women. They are encouraged to fulfill their intellectual quest through this fellowship.

  • For the initial 2 years, candidates are given ₹ 38,800 on the monthly basis.
  • For the rest of 3 years, they can avail benefit up to ₹ 46,500 on the monthly basis.

CBSE Udaan

Under CBSE Udaan Scholarship scheme, the meritorious girl students are encouraged to do preparation for the competitive entrance exams. The students get paid for their admission fee, tuition fee, and cost of study materials, tablets or other miscellaneous expenses to attend the coaching classes and lectures. This is a fully-funded scholarship scheme.

Women Scientist Scheme

The Women Scientist Scheme aims at encouraging women scientists to pursue their careers further who have suffered breaks in their career due to the family and children's responsibilities.

This scheme gives scholarships in 3 categories –

  • ‘Group A’ – Get ₹ 55,000 on monthly basis for a period of 3 years.
  • ‘Group B’  Get ₹ 40,000 on monthly basis for a period of 3 years.
  • ‘Group C’ – Get ₹ 30,000 on monthly basis for a period of 3 years.

Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award

Under Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award, the meritorious girl students of Class 12th get financial support to pursue technical education. There are 4 categories of the award. The first 21 winners get an opportunity to attend the NASA camp.

Kiran Girls Scholarship Scheme

Under the Kiran Girls Scholarship Scheme, financial support is given to girl students who are pursuing B.E/ B. Tech in IT and Computer Science, or ENTC from the engineering colleges in Pune, Nagpur, Goa or Hyderabad. Those students who are selected for this scholarship get ₹40,000 on the annual basis.

Overseas Women Scholarships -

Grace Hopper scholarship

Under Grace Hopper Scholarship scheme, the graduate and undergraduate girl students of Computer Science, IT, MIS, Math, Physics, Human-Computer interaction and Electrical Engineering get an opportunity to attend the Conference in Computer Science which is attended by similar students and faculties from all over the world.

  • Applications are invited in January and get closed by the first week of March.

Google Anita Borg Scholarship

The Google Anita Borg/ Women Tech-makers program has been started to encourage women candidates to participate in computer science and computing program. They get $10,000 to pursue their studies further. They also receive an invitation to attend the Google Annual Retreat program held in Mountain View, California.

Adobe India Women in Technology Scholarship

The Adobe India Women in Technology scholarship program aims at bringing women in the engineering and technology domain. Like Google Women in Tech-makers program, this program also strives for bringing gender equality in the technology field.  The tuition fee for the B. Tech/ integrated M. Tech course is paid.

Women Scholarship for Peace – Global South

This scholarship is given by the UN Office for disarmament in collaboration with the participating countries in the program. Under this scholarship, 145 women candidates receive training in disarmament, establishing peace, and solving other development-related issues.

  • Candidates get the UPEACE certificate issued by the UN-mandated University of Peace.

Famous Private Scholarships for Women -

Santoor scholarship

The Santoor Scholarship is sponsored by the Wipro Cares. Under this scholarship program, the girl students from disadvantaged sections of Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh receive financial support to pursue higher education. The selected beneficiary students are encouraged to get enrolled in the professional courses after Class 12th.

  • Applications should be submitted by the end of August.

Tata Housing Scholarship for meritorious girls

The Tata Housing scholarship aims at extending financial support to the meritorious girls enrolled in the Civil Engineering, Architecture or Construction Management courses. They get ₹ 60,000 annually to pay their tuition fee or admission charges.

  • Interested students can apply through the Tata Housing scholarship scheme website by clicking on [email protected].
  • Applications are invited in November/ December.

Fair and Lovely Foundation for Higher Education for Women scholarship

The Fair and Lovely scholarship aim at encouraging girl students to get enrolled in Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses. The beneficiary girl student gets ₹25,000 to ₹40,000.

Prabha Dutt Fellowship

Under Prabha Dutt fellowship, the women print journalists get ₹1.00 lakh to pursue research in women-related subjects of contemporary relevance. The duration of the fellowship is 10 months. The applicant should be a print journalist.

L’Oreal Scholarship for Young Women in Science

The L’Oreal Scholarship aims at encouraging the participation of women in the Science and Technology field. It was instituted in 2003 and since then it is given every year to promising young women, especially from the disadvantaged sections of society.

  • Each selected woman for this scholarship gets ₹ 2.5 lakhs to pay their tuition fee and meet other education-related expenses.
  • Interested candidates can apply online as well as offline through the L’Oreal website.

Clinic Plus scholarship

The Clinic Plus scholarship scheme aims at extending support to mothers who can help their daughters to fulfill their dreams. The Clinic Plus scholarship program has been launched under the campaign with slogan ‘M se Maa, and Maa means Majbooti’.

  • Those applicants who get selected for this scholarship get ₹ 1.00 lakh.

Internshala Career Scholarship for Girls

This scholarship has been inspired by the sad Nirbhaya case. Under the Internshala Career Scholarship scheme, girl students get financial support to pursue their dream careers. They get ₹ 25,000 annually to pursue a career of their choice.

Avasar Scholarship

As the name signifies, Avasar scholarship aims at bringing back opportunity into the lives of meritorious girls who have discontinued their studies due to life situations. It provides such girl’s financial support to pursue their education and get employment.


Pooja Tukaram Kattimani , July 7, 2019

I have completed my M.A (geography) with first ranked (83.4%) I applied for technical course of Geoinformatics, I need scholarship for my education.

Exams Planner, July 12, 2019

You must check out with the university/ college you are pursuing the course from.

Pallavi, June 10, 2019

I need scholarship for my daughter, she scored 74% in her 10th exam (SSC) i am single parent.

Exams Planner, June 11, 2019

You can check out the CBSE Udaan scholarship for your child.