Beware your close one’s with these Scholarship Fraudsters

Last Modified: 09 Jul 2024

There are numerous scholarship schemes present in the current arena of education. These programs offer financial aid for the much-needed students, who are not able to pay their fees. But when you are applying for these scholarships online, ever been you thought about scholarship frauds or scams? If not, then you need to start thinking.

Now in today’s world, there are different scholarships platforms available for talented and skilled students across the globe. Most of the trusted organisations provide a platform to meritorious candidates who want to build their creative skills. In the new age of education, where tuition fees are increasing day by day, the need for scholarships has also developed. Many students and their families rely entirely on scholarships, as this the best medium to achieve their higher education goals; therefore an undesirable outcome of scholarship frauds has given rise.

With the help of this new age of the Internet, many suspicious events are happening behind the shadows of technologies. When you start searching for a particular scholarship online, these fraudsters come forward to spring their trap for you.

It’s high time to get over and take the initiative towards these scholarships frauds. Students are advised to pay attention before applying for any scholarship. All you need is to work with your open eyes and aware yourself. Your small attention saves you from scams. Now, the big question is how to recognise these scammers or players who are seeking an opportunity to burn your pocket and misuse your personal information.

How to Avoid Scholarship Scams -

  1. Conduct proper research - Your priority is to find out the best scholarship program, which will help you to stable out your burden. For an accurate or appropriate fellowship stage, it is advisable to conduct proper research on different platforms or sites.
  2. Never go for ‘Exclusive offers’ - If a portal shares some secret data regarding scholarship information utterly for you, of course, then you need to focus it’s not a credible one. All the scholarship plans are open for public welfare, not only for single person.
  3. Keeps a watch on dubious fees - Stay aware regarding fellowship fees, providers who request you to pay a sort of fees to avail the benefits of scholarship, you need to verify and make sure to check all the previous year’s records too.
  4. Confer with the trusted source - College advisor or school counsellors are the best sources to collect sufficient information about the particular scholarship scheme online. These information providers are considered as the authentic or most trusted source of information regarding scholarship program.
  5. Go for authentic scholarships sites - Always rely on scholarship portals which seem to be authentic searching sites. Websites that combine and contain all types of information in a single place, surely it will help you to find your best scholarship scheme.
  6. Stay away with information phishing - The key sign to identify these scammers is that if they request for a small payment or offers a ‘money back guarantee’ for you, it's possibly a fraud. Always keep your eyes on the official website of the scholarship providers and ensures to check their important dates and necessary eligibility criteria to avoid any kind of fraud.
  7. Unclear eligibility criteria requirements - The institutions who provide scholarships have always set some eligibility criteria for the fellowship program. If a fellowship provider doesn’t ask for any eligibility criterion then, it is probably a scam. 
  8. Identify the red flags - If you want to ask a question regarding scholarship programs and your phone calls and emails go unanswered, you need to understand it’s a red flag. Also if you get incomplete information or an automatic reply that doesn’t support to your question, skip the scholarship.