Things to Remember Before Entering GATE Exam Centre

Last Modified: 14 Apr 2024

As the GATE exam 2018 is knocking at the door, you must have almost completed the preparation for then examination. Sometimes, the candidates have robust preparation for it, but make some basic mistakes which ruin their year-long effort. So make sure, you have taken all the essential things with you and keep the banned items at your home before entering the GATE Exam centre.  Here is the checklist to help you in the nick of time before the examination.

  1. Carry Your Wrist Watch and Calculator: Nowadays, many of us don’t have the habit of wearing wrist watches as cell phone has replaced the place. But before going for the examination, you need to carry your wrist watch and calculator to the hall. You may not need the calculator all the time, especially you are appearing for Computer Science examination, but it is better to carry it to tackle the unpredictability.
  2. Don’t Forget the Water Bottle: As the GATE exam is 3 hours long, you may feel thirsty during the examination time. You need to carry your own water bottle to the exam centre. It is advisable not to drink much water at a time but take small sip to avoid discomfort and distraction. And don’t expect to buy water bottle from the shop near to the centre as there may be no availability of the same.
  3. Keep Pen, Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener: You need to answer the OMR sheet with the black ball pen. But it is advisable to answer the questions with pencil only. There is not much given for answer, so you can’t afford to do a long calculation on that space. That’s why, you must have an option to erase and utilize and submit a fresh copy for it.
  4. Don’t do Heavy Breakfast: You need to sit comfortably on the examination hall for 3 long hours. So avoid heavy breakfast in the morning of the examination or you may feel sleepy.
  5. Do a Comfortable Dressing: You may don’t feel to take care of your dressing for the written exam. But you need to sit comfortably to perform best on the day.
  6. Carry a Clip Board: The desk or the table of the examination centre may not be in good condition. So it is better to carry a clip board with you to have a safe ride.
  7. Be on Time: Don’t be late on the examination day. Try to reach the centre before the schedule time to avoid last moment rush and confusion. You need to chalk a back-up plan to reach the hall on time in case of any chaos.   
  8. Relax the Day before Exam: You have already done with the best possible preparation for GATE exam. Now it is the time to relax and give your brain the much needed rest for best performance on the next day.
  9. Use Tricks to Find the Right Answer: For the multiple choice questions, you can use the given options to find out the right answer. You can do the back calculation and find out the right answer quickly.
  10. Try Random Questions if You Get Stuck: Few times during the examination, you may not solve any particular question. If this will happen to you, then it is advisable to leave the question without wasting time and choose any random question to answer. You can try the tricky question again after completing all other answer. 

Hope that this checklist will help you to have a hassle free experience during the GATE 2018. Our team is wishing you all the best for the upcoming examinations.

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