Science Passionates and Innovators Participate in the Techkriti Festival 2018

Last Modified: 25 May 2024

‘Techkriti’ is an annual technical and entrepreneurial festival organised by the IIT Kanpur. It is a kind of an inter-college fest where more than 1400 colleges from India and abroad participate to showcase their technical innovation.

Aim of the Techkriti Festival

  • The festival has been started in 1995 with an aim to encourage technical innovation and advancements. Through such innovations and creations, various societal problems can be solved easily.
  • Now, the Techkriti Festival invites schools also to participate in this annual event to showcase their talents and learn new things. A new event named ‘TOSC’ (Techkriti Open School Championship) has been introduced in the festival for school students.   
  • Techkriti Festival is organised every year in March.  It is a four day festival.

Techkriti Festival 2018: Important Dates

  • The Techkriti Festival 2018 is scheduled to be held from 15th March to 18th March 2018.
  • The last date to get registered is 5th February 2018.

Techkriti Festival 2018: Event List

Students can get registered to participate in various technical events like –

  • Talks
  • Competitions
  • Conference
  • Show
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops

Techkriti Festival 2018: Registration Fee

  • Registration Fee for competition - ₹2100
  • Registration Fee for workshop - ₹1500
  • The registration fee includes accommodation charges as well.

Techkriti Festival Important Event Categories

  • The Techkriti holds numbers of competitions in various categories and gives awards.
  • The total amount of the prize money is ₹35.00 lakhs.

Some of the popular competition categories are – Robo-games, ECDC, Design, Takeoff, Online Events, Software corners, online events, Mixed Bowl

  • Robo-games – This competition enjoys the maximum spotlight among all competitions. Students come up with various innovative projects related to robots. It invites international collaborations for developing such projects.
  • ECDC – This competition is for electronics and circuit-designing. Students
  • Business – Under this category of competition, competitors’ business skills are tested.
  • Software Corners – This competition is for innovative softwares in various fields.
  • Mixed Bowl – Under this section of competition, students are encouraged to showcase their talents in various fields like Astronomy, Crime Run, Nut Cracker, Watsup etc.

Techkriti Festival Workshops and Talks

Workshops and Talks are one of the most important and popular events of the Techkriti Festival. Through workshops and talks students get an opportunity to know about the frontiers of science. The speakers invited to address the workshops and talks are industry leaders, scientists, experts and thinkers. Some of the technical topics that have been debated and discussed at the festival are – Future in Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Sixth Sense Robotics, Ethical Hacking etc.

Techkriti Festival 2018: Important Contact

Contact for Event Co-ordinators –

Contact for the Inquiry related to the event – [email protected]