Orphans and Poor Children can Get Snehpoorvam Scholarship 2018, Apply Now

Published on : 27th February 2018    Author : Tanvi Mittal

The ‘Snehapoorvam’ is a scholarship scheme of the Kerala Social Security Mission. It is a charitable society. The scholarship scheme is sponsored by the Department of Social Justice of the Government of Kerala.   

Aim of the Snehpoorvam Scholarship 2018

This scholarship scheme is meant for the orphaned children. Those children who have lost their parents or an elder to protect or guide them are eligible for this scholarship scheme. They are provided financial support to complete their school education. Since children are an asset to the society, the Kerala Social Security Mission aims at nurturing them to build a strong future of the country. Children receive all kinds of financial, emotional, and social support to grow.

Objective of the Snehpoorvam Scholarship 2018

  • To identify the vulnerable section of the children and extend them financial support.
  • To provide such children with nutrition, education, and care.
  • To strengthen the traditional family system, so that children are raised in the family environment instead of being raised in the orphanages. The families are given financial benefits to do so.

Snehpoorvam Scholarship 2018 – Important Dates

  • Interested students can apply for this scholarship online through the following link –


  • Last date to apply for the ‘Snehpoorvam’ Scholarship is October 31st 2018.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Such children who have lost either of their parents (either father or mother have died).
  • Such children who have lost both of their parents (mother and father both).
  • Also such children who are living below the poverty line (BPL).
  • Those children who are in the APL (Above Poverty Line) category but due to the low family income are not able to attend their schools are can also avail benefits of this scholarship scheme.
  • The children below 5 years of age are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Even such children who are studying in Class 1 to Degree are also eligible for the ‘Snehpoorvam’ scholarship.

Benefits of the scholarship

Those children who are found to be needy are given financial assistance at the following rates –


Amount of Assistance

Class 1 to 5

₹ 300

Class 6 to 10

₹ 500

Class 11 to 12

₹ 700

Degree/ Professional Course

₹ 1000

Snehpoorvam Scholarship 2018: Application Procedure

  • The application for the ‘Snehpoorvam’ scholarship should be submitted with the Head/ Principal of the government school/ colleges or the government-aided school/ colleges with the required documents.
  • Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the Head/ Principal of the government or government-aided school/colleges to verify the authenticity of the applicant and submit it. The applications can be submitted through society’s online portal to the Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission.

Those children who are below 5 years of age can apply for directly for the scholarship by sending applications to the ‘Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission’.

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