How to Avoid Minus Marking In GATE Exam 2018 to Score Better Marks

Last Modified: 25 Feb 2024

As almost all competitive examinations including GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering) are of objective type questions and follow negative marking pattern, it is very important to minimize negative mark in order to score better marks.

Following a negative marking, pattern helps in making the exam fair for candidates as it prevents them from doing guess work to answer any question, ensuing selection of deserving candidates. If you are preparing for GATE Exam 2018 and looking to avoid minus marking in the exam, following are the suggestions that you can follow.

Tips to Avoid Minus Marking in GATE Exam 2018 to Score Better Marks

1.) Answer Questions that You Are Confident of

It is strongly suggested to begin by answering questions that you are sure of. Once you are done answering such questions, you can then proceed to unsure questions. Rather than trying to attempt all unsure questions, it is best to give a couple of questions sufficient time for solving. This way you will be able to score better marks in your GATE 2018 examination.

2.) Read Questions Carefully

Sometimes because of exam pressure, candidates commit mistake by not understanding the question thoroughly and answer it with overconfidence. This results in negative marking. Therefore, make sure to read and understand a question carefully before attempting it. Otherwise, instead of gaining marks, you may lose them as a negative marking.

3.) Do Guesswork Smartly

In case you think that you have not attempted enough questions to clear your GATE exam, you may test your guessing skills to raise your chances of getting selected. After you are done attempting sure questions, try attempting those unsure questions in which you are confused between two options. This will help in minimizing negative marking significantly and help you score required marks.

4.) Try Reverse Engineering

In case you do not know answer to a large number of questions, you can try using the reverse engineering method to answer questions. Review the given options to a question thoroughly and see which option suits the conditions provided in the question.

5.) Do not Answer Questions if Not Required

If you think that you have already attempted sufficient answer to have your chances of cracking GATE 2018 exam, try not to answer other questions. Instead, review all your answers multiple times to be sure about them. This will not only help avoid negative marking but also keep your chances of getting selected “alive”.

6.) Practice a Lot

Rather than relying on your guessing skills, it is best to practice objective questions a lot till you have time. The more you practice such questions, the more confidence you will have for your GATE 2018 exam.

7.) Practice Online Mock Tests

Taking sufficient online mock tests before your GATE 2018 exam will help you evaluate your level of preparation and weak areas. You can then plan your preparation accordingly to perform better and minimize minus marking in GATE 2018 examination.

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