10 Things you should know about being an Air Hostess

Published on : 10th March 2018
Career in Air Hostess

Working as an air hostess is a complete different experience in life. Young girls, who are dreaming to become one, should go with the things they should know about being an air hostess. The lucrative air hostess salary is not just the only thing which is part of their perks.

The training may well be the toughest thing you have done

The air hostess is the responsible cabin crew member, who needs to go through the tough training before going on-board. There are so many things, which you are going to learn and have to prove yourself. It will test your memory, how you evaluate risk, your manual dexterity, your patience, your use of routines, procedures and instructions, ability to make tough decisions and everything you will need in the average day with your profile.

They Know How to Survive in Extreme Conditions

Air hostess are trained in a way to survive in the extreme living conditions. This could be anything from a plane crash to a hijacking of the flight. The survival training is one of the many skills in an air hostess will be trained. So, they know how to create a shelter, gather food, find safe drinking water and attract help in the Arctic, jungle, rainforests and deserts; to make sure that the on-board passengers are safe.

Not all airlines will be looking for the same things

If you are applying for different airlines, their eligibility and required skill sets could be different. You should prepare and work accordingly for your desired company and skills they look for an air hostess profile.

They Are Trained to Deliver Babies on Board

The air hostess training also including how to safely deliver babies until the emergency services can take over on the ground. This is really a great skill to learn as we could ever find it some other time too.

Trained to Perform Hand-to-Hand Combat

The baby delivery is one of the uncommon skills an air hostess has; but there is hand-to-hand combat too. This is helpful to tackle unruly passengers and hijacking situations. Air hostess are trained to fight back and the defense technique too.

Someone’s survival may depend on you

The air hostess training includes first aid, CPR training and basic survival techniques to deal with a heart attack scenario. You have to be the pro with it, without skipping any. Additionally, you will be evaluated every year to ensure that your skills are still up to date and ready to help.

They Often Double As Ticketing Agents

You are supposed to prepare for multi tasking personality. Your skills will be developed to work as an air hostess as well as ticketing agent or a ground staff. This is to let your comfortable for any profile and assignment.

They are not allowed to gain weight

Going over weight is a big NO for air hostess. They are not allowed to increase the weight; though, this is good to keep yourself healthy and fit. In fact, when you will get some more pounds, you will have to lose it in next 30 days.

Grooming standards are strict

The grooming standards are strict for air hostess. The air hostess job profile requires you to look immaculate. This is because they are trained to follow grooming standards strictly. You have to be that perfect as your skirts can’t go above the knee, your heels must not be higher than three inches as mentioned in the rule book, the lipstick has to be a certain shade of red and constantly applied, and nails must always be manicured with only pink, red or French polish and more. So, you should be ready to follow them and look flawless.

You will have the most fun of your life!

And, finally the perks of being an air hostess is there. After all, following the strict air hostess training and responsibilities; you will get the most fun of your life with it. One of the biggest advantage being an air hostess is that you will get see the world and exploring destinations that you would never normally had seen before; can’t think with any other job. The air hostess salary is the monetary benefit which attracts, though it is beyond the salary in your account.

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