What is the salary of an Air hostess in India

Published on:10/03/2018

This is women empowerment, when women are getting better job profile and compensation for the same. The job profile of an air hostess is really empowering women; you can see the better work culture and experiences they have and whooping salary too. The air hostess job is not an easy job; but when you see the compensation and salary in your account, and then you will have assign of relief. Air hostess salary is one of the highest perk of working in this industry where perfection is needed; apart from meeting celebrities, visiting to new places and more perks.

When you think about air hostess salary; they are really one of the highest paid jobs. The air hostess job is not just limited with the food and water serving to the passengers, but to take care of their safety, first aid, cleanliness of the plane, etc. Though, there job is not limited, sometimes they need to go beyond limitation. Of course, what an air hostess salary at a young age after completing +2 is, it is far ahead comparing to a graduate.

Air hostess as a career has always been a premium career option in India. Now, coming to the salary of an air hostess; in India for the domestic airlines, you will get around 25,000 to 40,000 depending upon the company at entry level. And, for the international airlines you will get 40,000 per month to 75,000 per month for the same. This salary used to increase till 1.25 Lacs per month for domestic airlines and 1.75 Lacs per month for international as your experience increases.

Apart from the basic salary and other compensations; when you exceed the total basic number of hours of on-flight, you will get additional amount per hour. It could be around 375 per hour to 525 per hours as per your company’s flying allowance. In case, there would be any over-night halt, then you will be entitled to layover allowance up to 500 per layovers with a decent hotel accommodation.

The lucrative salary and additional benefits, there are few more perks to being an air hostess.

  • Subsidized traveling (for family as well), including air tickets, car rental, accommodation, cruises
  • 13-17 off days per month
  • Retirement benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Kit Allowance
  • Added benefits of being a part of high profile parties

This is really a phenomenal career option for young girls, who are good with personality and have a good communication after +2. Yes, air hostess make good money. If you look closely the basic eligibility criteria for air hostess, it is just a high school passed student.

  • Eligibility - 12th Standard Pass
  • Age - 17-25 years
  • Height - Minimum 155 cm
  • It is a general rule that candidate should be fair complexioned and unmarried

You can see, it is more about a passion to become an air hostess and serve. This is about the dream to fly high rather a job or profession. Girls, who find themselves suitable with the passion for air hostess, they should pursue it.

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