Air Hostess - 5 Important Questions Airline Ask during Interview

Last Modified: 04 Jun 2024

Dreaming of a career in the airline industry is indeed fancy. Quite a glamorous business, An Air hostess not only get paid handsomely but also avail a plethora of benefits. More the facilities any job offers, the tougher it gets to crack. Yes, that’s true. Cracking air hostess exam conducted by airlines requires a lot of dedication. Most difficult is the interview. Even if a candidate manages to pass the written exam, she has to prepare well for the personal interview. As a candidate keeps clearing the selections stages and her chances get higher to be selected; the airline would make sure that they are choosing the right candidate for the job. They would ask many questions. Following are the 5 important questions, and a candidate should answer in a below-mentioned way.

  1. Airline: How well do you know about us (the airline)?

How to Answer: It’s time to show off your knowledge. Since interviewer wants to know if you have done the homework well, you need to deliver better by giving them glimpses of airlines history, the progress, the routes, the plans, number of aircraft, etc.

  1. Airline: Why us?

How to Answer: Only focus on the positive side even though you want good financial rewards. Talk about the opportunities that you will avail from such a reputable airline.

  1. Airline: If hired how long you would continue with us?

How to Answer: This is a tricky question. You should not say anything that would create a bad impression. The airline wants to see how loyal you can be. Your answer should be according to that. Your response should have some critical points like – learn, willingness to grow and improve.

  1. Airline: How to deal with an adamant passenger?

How to Answer: Never blame the passenger. It will certainly upset the interviewer.

  1. Airline: Are you looking for any other air hostess openings in other airlines while you are being interviewed by us?

How to Answer: You need to be honest while answering this question. Be frank and give the interviewer a glimpse of you, make him understand that you are damn serious about the job. 

Put your best foot forward, get familiar with the above questions and appear for the air hostess personal interview.

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Ravina, February 16, 2022

Im passed 12 nd now I m in First year so can I apply nd how could we apply.?

Khyati Tripathi, February 26, 2021

Is it important to have correct eye sight? if i wear specs so i cannot apply for air hostess course?

Exams Planner, March 3, 2021

Some airlines allow specs. So, you can check out with them. Yes, you can pursue the air hostess course.

AARAADHYA SINGH, September 4, 2020


Exams Planner, September 17, 2020


Archana uike, February 21, 2020

I am archana and am passed 10/2 ad BA appearing I am very poor and my parents is Lambers and very need job my dream job Airhotes Who will give you just be from the airline full will with power Plz reply

Exams Planner, March 14, 2020

If you can do a certificate course of 3 or 6 months, do it. Talk with the institute to provide you with placement options.