ICSI CS 2019 Exam Schedule Released; Foundation Exam on 8 June

Published on : 3rd January 2019    Author : Satyaranjan Bai

The ICSI CS 2019 exam schedule for all three stages has been released on the official website.

New Delhi/ 03.01.2019: The ICSI CS 2019 exam schedule for the Foundation, Executive and Professional course has been released on the official website. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India will administer the exam for the Foundation programme on 8th and 9th June 2019 and for the Executive and Professional programmes from 1st to 10th June.

As per the ICSI official website, “Admission to the CS course is open throughout the year. Examinations are held twice a year in June and December.

ICSI CS 2019 Foundation Programme Time-table (June)

The Foundation Programme has 4 papers and will be conducted in two days.

Date and Day of Exam


Batch Number

Examination Timings (From - To)

8th June 2019 (Saturday)






Business Environment and Law




Business Management, Ethics and Entrepreneurship


9.30 A.M.

11.00 A.M.


12.00  Noon

1.30 P.M.


2.30 P.M.

4.00 P.M.


5.00 P.M.

6.30 P.M.

9th June 2019 (Sunday)

Paper 3




Paper 4

Business Economics




Fundamentals  of  Accounting and Auditing


9.30 A.M.

11.00 A.M.


12.00  Noon

1.30 P.M.


2.30 P.M.

4.00 P.M.


5.00 P.M.

6.30 P.M.

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Download the ICSI CS Foundation exam schedule - Click Here.

ICSI CS Executive and Professional Programmes Time-table (June)

Date and Day

Executive Programme (Old Syllabus)

Executive Programme (New Syllabus)

Professional Programme (Old Syllabus)

Professional Programme (New Syllabus)

01 June 2019 (Saturday)

Cost  and  Management  Accounting (Module-I)

Jurisprudence,   Interpretation and General Laws(Module-I)

Advanced  Company  Law  and  Practice (Module –I)

Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics (Module –I)

02 June 2019 (Sunday)

Tax Laws and Practice (Module-I)

Company Law(Module-I)

Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence (Module –I)

Advanced Tax Laws(Module –I)

03 June 2019 (Monday)

Industrial,   Labour   and   General Laws (Module-II)

Setting up  of  Business  Entities  and Closure (Module-I)

Corporate  Restructuring, Valuation  and Insolvency (Module –I)

Drafting,  Pleadings  and  Appearances (Module –I)

04 June 2019 (Tuesday)

Company Law(Module-I)

Tax Laws(Module-I)

Information Technology and Systems Audit (Module –II)

Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management     and     Due     Diligence                 (Module –II)

05 June 2019 (Wednesday)





06 June 2019 (Thursday)

Economic  and  Commercial  Laws (Module-I

Corporate and Management Accounting (Module-II)

Financial, Treasury and Forex Management (Module –II)

Corporate   Restructuring,   Insolvency, Liquidation and  Winding –up(Module –II)

07 June 2019 (Friday)

Company  Accounts  and  Auditing Practices (Module-II)

Securities Laws and Capital Markets(Module-II)

Ethics, Governance and Sustainability (Module –II)

Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non–Compliances and Remedies (Module –II)

08 June 2019 (Saturday)

Capital   Markets   and   Securities Laws (Module-II)

Economic, Business and Commercial Laws (Module-II)

Advanced Tax Laws and Practice(Module –III)

Corporate Funding and  Listing in Stock Exchanges (Module –III)

09 June 2019 (Sunday)

No Exam

Financial and Strategic Management(Module-II)

Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings (Module –III)

Multidisciplinary Case Studies (Module –III)

10 June 2019 (Monday)

No Exam

No Exam

Elective  1  out  of  below  5 subjects (Module –III)

  • Banking  Law and Practice
  • International Business-Laws and Practices
  • Intellectual Property Rights - Law and Practice
  • Insurance Law and Practice
  • Capital, Commodity and Money Market

Elective  1  out  of  below  8  subjects (Module –III

  • Banking -Law and Practice
  • Intellectual  Property  Rights –Laws and Practices
  • Insurance -Law and Practice
  • Forensic Audi
  • Direct Tax Laws  and Practice
  • Labour Laws and Practice
  • Valuations and Business Modelling
  • Insolvency –Law and Practice

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Note: The papers, including (i) Cost and Management Accounting, (ii) Tax Laws and Practice and (iii) Industrial, Labour & General Laws will be organised in OMR mode.

Download the ICSI CS Executive and Professional exam schedule - Click Here.

To become a Company Secretary, aspirants must successfully complete all three levels – Foundation, Executive and Professional. That’s not all. The eligible person needs to ‘apply for membership by passing all three levels of examinations prescribed by ICSI and completing a period of practical training’.

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