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Latest Updates About Aeronautical Engineering: Important Exam Date; Application Form; Eligibility Criteria; Exam Pattern

IAF Aeronautical Engineering Exam

Aeronautics is one of the most exciting and most prospering field of engineering. Those students who want to carve out their career in the world of aircrafts and jet planes should go on to study the Aeronautical Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering is essentially an art and science of aircraft designing, manufacturing and maintaining. Students are taught how to develop, construct, use and maintain the aircraft system. Students are taught about the control mechanism, navigation system, quality checking, aircraft launch testing, structural design and development.

Aeronautical engineers are hired by both private and government sectors. Almost all aviation companies involved in either construction, design or services hire Aeronautical engineers. Some of the regular recruiting companies of aeronautical engineers are HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), DRDO (Defense Research and Development organization), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Indian Airlines, Air-India etc.

About The Aeronautical Engineering Course

Students can opt for Aeronautical Engineering right after completing their 10+2 exams. They should possess good skill in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. There are three types of Aeronautical Engineering courses which can be pursued by students either after 10+2 or Graduation or Post Graduation.

Name of Course in Aeronautical Engineering

Duration of Course

Minimum Educational qualification requirement

Polytechnic Diploma Course

3 years

10th or 10+2


4 years



2 years


Candidates who wish to study deeply about the Aeronautical Engineering can do the Doctoral Programme after completing their M.Tech programme.

Eligibility for Aeronautical Engineering Exam

Aeronautical Engineering in Electronics

Nationality – Applicant should be Indian.

Age, Gender and Marital Status –

  • A candidate should be in the age group of 18-28 years.
  • It is applicable to both Men and Women.
  • A candidate should be single.

Educational Qualifications

  • B.E/B.Tech - Candidate should have scored 70% and above in the GATE exams and should have done B.E/B.Tech in Telecommunication, Electronics, Electrical, Electrical Communication, Electronic Communication, Instrumentation, Computer Science and Engineering.
  • M.Sc Degree – Physics, Electronic Computer Science, Computer Application.
  • M.Sc Tech in Electronics and Radio Engineering.
  • MCA – In Maths, Physics and Electronics.

Aeronautical Engineering in Mechanical

Nationality - Applicant should be Indian.

Age, Gender and Marital Status –

  • A candidate should be in the age group of 18-28 years.
  • It is applicable to both Men and Women.
  • A candidate should be single.

Educational Qualifications

B.E/B.Tech in Aeronautical, Mechanical, Industrial Production, Production or a combination of these subjects.

Aeronautical Engineering Exam Admission Process

How To Get Admission

All top ranked institutions of India like IIT’s and NIT’s offer Aeronautical Engineering programmes. There are many private institutions also which offer this course. Candidate can opt for any of the two.

In order to get admission in the IIT and NIT colleges candidate should qualify the JEE Mains Exam.

Similarly in order to get admission in the M.Tech programme candidate should qualify the GATE Exam. Candidate should have done his B.Tech in Electrical, Electronic or Mechanical Engineering.

IAF (Indian Air –Force) Aeronautical Engineering Exam

The Indian Air-Force Aeronautical Engineering Exam is conducted on yearly basis. The Aeronautics course of IAF is divided into 2 sections, namely – Electronics and Mechanical.

Aeronautics engineers of Electronic branch handle various jobs related to the communications system of aircraft. They also handle sophisticated electronic gadgets related to functioning of aircraft like Radar system.

Whereas the Aeronautics engineers of Mechanical branch take care of the error free operation of aircraft.

Application Process

Those candidates who wish to join the IAF Aeronautical Engineering should appear for the IAF entrance exam for Aeronautical engineering. The advertisement for the exam is published in almost all the leading newspapers of the country. Candidate can also visit the official website of the IAF to know more details about the exam. There are three testing centres of the IAF exam – Varanasi, Dehradun and Mysore.

Aeronautical Engineering Exam Pattern (Syllabus)

The selection exam conducted by IAF for selection of candidates for the aeronautical engineering course is quiet elaborate. There are various stages of the examination which are as follows –

  1. Written Examination
  2. Physical Fitness Test
  3. Interview,
  4. Medical Examination
  5. All India Selection List
  6. Enrollment of the candidate

Written Examination – A candidate is first tested for his English, if he qualifies he is tested for Physics and Maths.

Physical Fitness Test – Those candidates who qualify in the written examination are tested for their physical fitness. They are asked to cover 1.6 Km by running in 8 minutes. Those candidate who complete this test in 7 minutes and 30 seconds or less are given additional points.

Interview – Candidates who qualify the PFT are called for personal interview. It is a kind of a personality test. If candidate qualifies this round of examination also is sent for the medical examination.

Medical Examination – There after candidate is required to undergo a medical examination. A candidate is tested thoroughly for his physical fitness. He is declared either ‘Fit’, ‘Unfit’ or ‘Temporarily Unfit’.

All India Selection List – An All India Selection List is prepared which is published at the official website of the IAF or the Airmen Call Centre. Those who qualifies at this stage are called by the Airmen selection authority. Candidate should report the authority. They are issued enrollment by the Airmen authority.

Enrollment of Candidate – Those candidates who are issued enrollment are required to undertake 26 weeks of training at the Belgaum at the Airmen Training School. Here they undergo the JBPT or Joint Basic Phase Training. At the completion of the training they are again tested for TAT (Trade Aptitude Test). On the basis of candidates performance in the TAT he is assigned a Trade. In order to get specialization in the TAT which is assigned to candidate he is referred to the training institutions.

OLQ Test

After clearing this stage of the examination candidate receives a call letter by the Air-force Selection Board. Candidate is again subjected to number of tests which are Psychological test, Interview and Group discussion. All these tests collectively are referred as OLQ or Officer like qualities. The Psychological test is a written test by the Psychologist. The Group discussion is conducted like an outdoor activity, where a candidate is seen for his active physical participation. Finally personal interview is conducted by Air force officers. Then on the last day conference is held, where each candidate is briefed about his performance in the exam. Those candidate who qualifies in the exam are asked to go back home and wait for the call of their further medical examination. Those candidate who fails in the exam are routed for their home on the same day.


Q. How to get admission in the IAF Aeronautical Engineering?

Candidate can get admission in the IAF Aeronautical Engineering exam by qualifying its exam.

Q. How many branches of Aeronautical Engineering are there in the IAF?

There are two branches, namely Mechanical and Electrical.

Q. What should be the educational qualification to get in IAF Aeronautical Engineering Exam?

A candidate should have done B.E/B.Tech in related subjects and should have scored at least 70% marks in the GATE exam.

Q.If female candidates are also eligible to apply for the exam?

Yes, female candidates can also apply for the exam.

Q.How many stages are there in the IAF Aeronautical Engineering exam?

Candidate is required to pass through the following stages of examination –Written Examination, Physical Fitness Test, Interview, Medical Examination, All India Selection List, Enrollment of the candidate.

Q.What is OLQ test in the exam?

It is Officer like qualities test which is conducted towards the end of the exam.

Q.How to know about the IAF Aeronautical Engineering exam?

The notification for the exam is published in most of the leading newspapers.

Q. What should be the age limit of the candidate for the exam?

A candidate should be between the age group of 18-28 years.