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Latest Updates About Ethical Hacking Career: Important Exam Date; Application Form; Eligibility Criteria; Exam Pattern

Ethical Hacking Courses

Today we are living in the age of cybernetics or information and communication system. It is the power and technology of informationand communication only that has interconnected every part of the globe. The idea of global village today is a reality. Now with the help of computer and networking vast amount of information can be stored and transmitted.

Most of the official works of government and non-government organization is done through computer systems.All secret documents, sensitive information and key information are kept in the computer network, which needs to be protected from the hackers. For that ethical hackers are hired to identify the vulnerable areas of the computer security system and get it shielded from the hackers. Hackersare those who unethically or without permission intrude into the information system and access all sensitive information, which could jeopardize its functioning.

The ethical hackers are called as ‘white hat hackers’, while the hackers are called as ‘black hat hackers’.

What is Certified Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hackers often employ penetration testing techniques, to check how far the information network system of an organization can be hacked. These penetration testing techniques can be learned by only those students who take up the certifiedethical hacking examination. At present V9 is the CEH exam which is equivalent to EC 312-50 exam. In order to apply for this exam a student is required to have completed his training from an accredited training centre.

Career and Job

Internet and information system today has become the pivot around which most of the work of any organization, whether government or private, get done. Through internet network sensitive information, secret documents, codes and passwords and many other important information get exchanged. Hence it becomes utmost important that these important information it should not fall into wrong hands. Some of the government organizations like Defense, Nuclear, and Energy, keep many secret information which if passed to enemy nation could prove fatal. It needs to be protected from hackers.

Areas of Employment

Owning to such threat many government organizations, industries, large corporates, Universities, IT companies and MNC’s employ ethical hackers to create a security network and prevent penetration or hacking by hackers with malicious intentions.A person with certification in hacking with good skills in identifying weak areas in information system can easily get a high paying job in the related areas.

A person can also become a practicing freelancer and get many projects to work upon. There are many organization and companies which approach such freelancers to work for them.

Important Skills of Ethical Hackers

In order to get a good placement an Ethical Hacker should have deep knowledge about networking field and SQL, besides being an expert programmer. And most of all a candidate should have a deep interest, knowledge and passion for his field. He must keep himself updated about the recent developments in his field. Some of the latest soft-wares in the field of hacking are Cain and Abel, Nessus, Nmap, Net Stumbler, SQL map etc.


A fresher certified hacker in the beginning will get salary in the range of Rs.20, 000 to 25,000, which is a good amount for beginners to earn and learn. As soon as a candidate gets enough numbers of projects to claimin his experience, soon his salary will go up. In just 2 or 3 years of time a professional certified hackers get Rs.50, 000 or Rs. 60,000 salary.

Eligibility for Ethical Hacking Exams

A candidate who want to do the course in Ethical Hacking should have done his Bachelor’s in computer science or is an IT graduate. This background enables student to understand easily the basics of computer network system. During the entrance test of the course a candidate will be asked questions from the area of web servers, operating system, programming skills and networking protocols.


Q. What is ethical hacking course?

Ethical hacking course teaches students how to identify the vulnerable areas of the information security network and shield it. Students are taught how to deploy penetration testing techniques to check the level of weakness or loopholes in the information security network.

Q. How to get admission in this course?

A candidate can get admission in this course after completing his bachelor’s in computer science or IT course. There are many private institutions which offer this course. Interested candidate can do this course private institutions and later on get the Certification in hacking.

Q. What is the eligibility for doing the ethical hacking course?

Anyone can get admission in the course. But a candidate should have done a Diploma or Degree in the IT system or computer science. It helps student to learn easily about the operating system, programming and soft wares application used in ethical hacking.

Q. Where one can get job after doing the ethical hacking course?

There is a growing demand in the market for the ethical hackers. Many government organizations, MNC’s, big corporates, IT companies employ ethical hackers.

Q. What certification is needed to become an ethical hacker?

After doing the course in ethical hacking a person should take V9 exam of CEH,which is equivalent to EC 312-50 exam.

Q. What is the initial salary which an ethical hacker gets in the beginning?

A fresher candidate of ethical hacking can get a salary in the range of Rs. 20,000 to Rs.25, 000. In only 2 or 3 years of time his salary will go up to Rs.50, 000 to Rs.60, 000.