Open Doors of Career Opportunities with Humanities

Published on : 11th August 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

When it comes to the numbers of followers of any academic stream, the humanities seem to enjoy the top position.Humanities, as the name signifies, introspects and describesaspects related to human life.Creative minds always found humanities subjects interesting to pursue.The spellbinding stories of literature, the past narratives about human civilization and illuminating geographical facts about the earth, have always attracted students into it. However, the prevalence of a wrong notionthat humanities are an arena of only mediocre students, dissuades many bright students from opting it.And those who opt, their morale is continuallyundermined by saying that they have least career options after class 12th.Let’s dispel this misperception. For humanities students,doors to many careers get openedafter class 12th. Some of the highest posts like IAS, IPS, and IFS are manned by humanities students. If you are a humanities student and is oblivious about the available opportunities Courses After Class 12th, then read below.

Career options with arts after class 12th

Boost your morale with the following facts –

  • You have the largest number of Job oriented career options.
  • You can pursue higher studies, like LLB, Chartered Accountancy etc.
  • You can enter into high paying fields, like Management, Mass communication, Aviation etc.

List of Job oriented career options

Teacher training course

Air ticketing course

Consultancy quotes

BPO course

Beautician course

Counselling course

Foreign language course

Gems and jewelry course

Photography course

Air – Hostess/ Cabin Crew

List of Management related courses

Event management course

Hotel management course

Retail management course


List of career options in Media and Mass Communication

Mass communication course

Multimedia course

Animation course

Graphic design course

Broadcast journalism course

Audio visual media courses

List of Creative career options

Cinematography course

Dance course

Travel and tourism course

Architecture course

List of Designing related career options

Fashion design designing course

Interior designing course

List of career options for higher studies

BFA-Bachelor of Fine Arts

BPA- Bachelor of performing arts

Bachelor of Computer applications

BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

B.Com Bachelor of Commerce

CA- Chartered accountant

CS Company Secretary

LLB-Bachelor of Laws

BA-Bachelor of Arts


About the Author: Tanvi Mittal