Essential Tips for GATE Exam 2018 Preparation

Last Modified: 14 Apr 2024

The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering or GATE exam 2018 aspirants are now working very hard as the D-Day is approaching. To crack this exam, they need to chalk out an effective preparation strategy for the last month. The preparation for GATE exam for rest of the year and the preparation during the last 30 days of the exam vary drastically. In these remaining days, you need to make sure that you have already cleared all the basic concepts, definitions and formulas thoroughly. The strategy should be more apt, precise and practical. Here are some useful preparation tips for the GATE exam 2018 which you must follow to attain success in the exam.

·        Complete the Syllabus First: Though the syllabus for GATE exam is quite vast, but you need to cover it thoroughly before starting the revision part. If you are stuck on a topic, seek the help of any senior or teacher. You need to take care of the nitty gritty details of the course minutely.

·        Set Your Own Strategy: Do not follow any available preparation strategy, but customize your own strategy. You know your strength and weakness better than anyone. So work on the strong areas more as they will be more scoring for you.

·        Enroll to a Crash Course: If you are preparing for GATE exam without any coaching classes till now, then it is the best time for doing a crash course. It can be a turning point if you can use the resource properly. The experts driven strategy and course will help you to attain the goal within the limited time.

·        Customized Your Routine: You may have already made a routine which you are following honestly.  But you need to customize it according to your present state of preparation for the rest of the days. You need to add some few hours to the weak section of the syllabus.

·        Make the Notes: When you study something difficult, try to take notes. You can also write down the formulas and definition for a quick glance. These small notes are always easy to revise and can help you in the last minute preparation.

·        Mock Test: Enroll yourself to the nearest coaching centres for the mock test. It will give you the real time experience of the exam day. You need to collect the feedback from the experts. It will help you to evaluate the preparation level of yours.

·        Time Management: The last month is the apt time for improve your time management. You need to learn the tricks on how to complete the test before the allotted time to get the time for revision.


The General Aptitude section and the Mathematics section are the most scoring sections in GATE exam. Try to practice these two subjects more rigorously to score high.

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