Common Questions For MBA Personal Interview (PI) Round

Published on : 2nd August 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Personal Interview (PI) is the last round of selection process where interaction is done on one-to-one basis between the candidate and the interviewer. Here are some general tips and some common questions asked during the Personal Interview (PI) round:

Personal Interview (PI) Tips-

  • Don’t start your introduction with ‘Myself (your name). Instead use ‘My name is (your name).

Common Questions for MBA Personal Interview (PI) Round

  • When asked about you; tell about yourself cutting the unnecessary information. For example; tell your educational background, any important achievement, you can tell about your family (father, mother and siblings) but not the extended family.
  • When asked about hobbies; don’t say ‘meeting new people’ or ‘making friends’.
  • If you don’t answer to any question, just say you don’t know may be expressing the interest of looking it later. But, don’t say I have read this in second semester and don’t remember.

Personal Interview (PI): Common Questions

Here are some common questions asked during Personal Interview (PI) round:

Introduce yourself or tell me about yourself?

This is the most common question to expect in the Personal Interview (PI) session.

Suggestions to Answer: What matters more than the answer is the way of speaking. Your voice should reflect confidence and passion. Include your educational qualification, interests and family details. Try to highlight your achievement but not in a loud way.

Why do you want to do the course?

Suggestions to Answer: The interviewer is looking for clarity of thoughts in your answer. So, don’t give vague answers. You can say that you want to start your own business or expand your family business.

What are your Strengths and weaknesses?

Suggestions to Answer: First thing is not to contradict your strengths and weaknesses. Also, don’t use that strategy of presenting strength as weakness like being ‘workaholic.’ Talk about a genuine weakness such as being unorganized sometimes and also talk about how you are planning to overcome it.

Short Term Goals

Suggestions to Answer: Include goals that can be achievable. Your answer can sound ambitious yet realistic.

Long Term Goals

Suggestions to Answer: Here you can sound a little more ambitious and can include your business start up plan or job plan as it may be.

Why should we select you?

Answer this question with full confidence highlighting your talent. Also, don’t forget to mention how dedicated you are towards achieving your goals no matter what the result of the selection process is.

Apart from these tips, you can read the interviews of candidates who are selected previously. Analyse their answers and frame the best answers for your Personal Interview (PI) round.

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