CBSE Confirmed Same Questions in All Languages for NEET Exam 2018

Last Modified: 22 Jun 2024

CBSE has ended all the confusions regarding question papers of different languages in NEET Exam 2018 and confirmed same questions in all languages.

27 January 2018: Just ahead of the release of NEET Exam 2018 application form, CBSE has informed Apex Court that the questions for all languages will be same. Thursday, the Board confirmed the news to the Supreme Court of India that all the vernacular questions will be just the translation of English question paper. The application form for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test will be available from next week. The exam will take place on 6th May 2018 under the guidance of the Central Board for Secondary Education.

Last year, NEET exam was conducted in English, Hindi and 8 other regional languages like Bengali, Assamese, Gujrati, telegu, Marathi, Tamil, Oriya and Kannada. For the different difficulty level, CBSE had faced controversy and protests throughout India. There were many requests to the Supreme Court by the students to intervene and cancel the exam. The Supreme Court has termed the action of CBSE illogical and asked for conducing examination in a uniform manner.      

Tara Chandra Sharma, the counsel of CBSE board has appeared before the Bench of Justice Arun Mishra and S Abdul Nazeer and confirmed the decision of CBSE of setting only one question paper in all languages. For any regional language student, the question paper will be mere translation of English language paper.

The Supreme Court had mentioned; "It is an illogical practice. How will you evaluate the competence of students when their questions are different? There is no reason for setting different question papers. There must be the same question paper for all students who take the exam in Hindi, English or another language." The CBSE Board has confirmed the level of difficulty will also be the same as the questions are also same in all languages.

From 2018, Urdu may be added as an option for NEET exam language. For any discrepancy in questions in all languages, the English questions will be considered as final. All students will be provided the English language question paper along with the preferred regional language.

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