AICTE Allow Student Entrepreneurs with Short Attendance to Sit for Exams

Last Modified: 26 May 2024

AICTE take this initiative and directs engineering colleges to allow student entrepreneurs to sit for exams with their short attendance.

On 8th October 2019, the All India Council of Technical Education, popularly known as AICTE has released a notification on its official website and directed engineering colleges of the country to allow student entrepreneurs to sit for exams even if their attendance is short. More than this, the colleges have also been asked to explore necessities of on-campus accommodation to student entrepreneurs and permitting semester break for working on their startups.

As per the sources, HRD Ministry’s technical education regulator has been made this decision to encourage more students to take up research and innovation to turn into entrepreneurs and enable them to become a job giver than job seeker.

AICTE 2019 Latest Notification –

According to the latest AICTE 2019 notification which was released on 8th October 2019, “Student entrepreneurs should be allowed to sit for the examination, even if their attendance is less than the minimum acceptable percentage, with due permission from the institute”. Further, the official adds, “The institutions should allow their students to take a semester or year break or even more depending upon the decision of review committee constituted by the institute to work on their startups and re-join academics to complete the course”.  Apart from this notification, the AICTE has also told institutions that they can also award academic credits.

Reason Behind This Initiative -

The decision has been taken to encourage more meritorious students to take up research and innovation to turn into entrepreneurs and motivate them to build a culture of knowledge which will help them to become job givers rather than job seekers. To expand the initiative in the higher level, the AICTE also governs institutions to set up a review committee to re-evaluate the results and startup by students, and based on the progress made by the candidate, it may consider giving appropriate credits for academics”.

Discussing more about the proposal “the institutes should explore the provision of accommodation to the entrepreneurs within the campus for some period which can also helps institutes to strengthen their innovation funnel and opens the financial opportunities for the potential entrepreneurs.

AICTE Norms For Engineering College –

AICTE directs all the engineering colleges to allow student entrepreneurs with short attendance to sit for exams. By taking this decision, the engineering colleges of India are advised to link their startups and encourage companies to expand their wider entrepreneurial ecosystem and motive corporations to provide huge financial support to students who showcase their potential in the pre-startup phase. Connecting student entrepreneurs with real-life entrepreneurs will help the college students to understand life challenges which may be faced by them while going through the innovation funnel and will increase the probability of success.