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Career In Music

Music cannot be equated with any profession because it is a passion. Some people are gifted with this talent from birth, while some others become a musician by choice. In any case, one can acquire perfection in music only through hard work, practice, and performance. Music is essentially an expression and articulation of inner thoughts and emotions through sound. Those who adopt music as their profession should have a complete commitment and dedication towards it. One can do Bachelors in music after Class 12th.

Career & Job

After the completion of the course in music, a student can get a job in the music industry, films, production houses, TV channels, and advertisement companies. One can also work as a music teacher in colleges and Universities. The enterprising students can also open their own music learning centres. The Bollywood and TV serials, especially, haveopened a new era of opportunities for musicians. They can easily get work in these places.


The starting salary as a music teacher is in the range of ₹10, 000 to 20,000. But, in a few years it will go up. A talented musician can earn handsomely through freelancing works like stage performances; by playing music at weddings; be a part of a musical troupe; or by getting assignments from the music companies.

Various Job Profiles

A musician can work on various profiles depending upon their skills, interest, and abilities. Some of the popular profiles, which are taken up by musicians are –

  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Producer
  • Programmer
  • Music Sequencer
  • Sound designer
  • Music director
  • Music editor
  • Music supervisor
  • Music publisher
  • Music teacher
  • Recording engineer
  • Music therapist
  • Studio manager and
  • Instrumentalist.

Music is a diverse field and anyone opting to become a musician has numbers of choices to make. It opens up a completely new world of career and job satisfaction in people.

Top-Ranked Institutions

Candidates who want to learn music can apply for admission in some of the following top-ranked music colleges of India-

  • College of Music and Dance, Hyderabad
  • Government Music College, Indore
  • Madhav Music college, Gwalior
  • Government Music College, Chennai
  • Saradha Sangeetha Kalasala, Guntur
  • Government school of music and dance, Guntur.

Courses in Music

A candidate can do Bachelor’s in

  • B.A (Music)
  • B.F.A (Music)
  • B.P.A (Music)
  • Diploma in Music.

A student can select his/her music training in Vocal or Instruments. Depending upon the interest, a candidate can opt for any of the two. It is important that a music learner does a lot of practice. Without ample practice, one cannot perfect his/her skills in music. And in order to get a proper platform in a music career, one should have an excellent skill.

Branches of Music

Many Universities and Colleges offer courses in the following music branches-

  • Classical Music
  • Reggae Music
  • Country Music
  • Latin Music
  • Electronic Music
  • Metal Music
  • Pop Music
  • Rock Music
  • JazzMusic
  • RapMusic
  • BluesMusic
  • Rhythm Music

Career In Music 2018 Eligibility

A candidate can opt for music course after Class 12thHe/she can join any music college or institution to pursue Bachelors in Music.

Other Details

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the eligibility for doing music course?

A candidate should have done 10+2 to become eligible for doing the Bachelor’s course in music.

Q. What courses are available in music at college and University level?

On Bachelor’s level three courses are available – B.A (Music), B.F.A (Music), B.P.A (Music). A candidate can opt for any one of the course.

Q. What is the scope after doing music course?

Nowadays there is a lot of scope in music. A candidate can get employed in music companies, advertisement agencies, music teacher, film and TV production houses etc.

Q. Can one get a job after doing music course?

Yes, one can get a job after doing music course.

Q. What is the starting salary of a candidate in music?

Depending upon one’s skill a fresher is usually offered ₹20, 000 to ₹25, 000.

Q. If diploma courses are also available in music?

Yes diploma courses are also available in music.

Q.What are the areas of specialization in music?

There are various areas of specialization in music. One can learn music in any one of the following area – classical music, country music, Jazz, Rock music, Pop music, Electronic music, Latin music, Reggae music, Rap music and Rhythm music.


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हेल्लो sir ी have done MA in music subject plz give me idea for career

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You can pursue training in Music for a career in Music.

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You can pursue training in Music for a career in Music.

Exams Planner - January 25, 2020REPLY

You need to take training in music for a career in Music.

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hello sir i m pursuing B.C.A final samster i m intrested in music singing and music therapyist please explain me detail i m eligible in music therapy and music career

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You can take part in some music concerts/events or consider going to recording your songs.



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We do not provide any music education. You must check out the available courses in music and institutes.

Hasan - May 4, 2019REPLY

Can i do this course after 10th

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Can a 20 yr old already passed as a dropper of 12th science student can join music in ba degree or bsc degree in music.

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