Stress Busters – Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Take on Board Exam Anxiety

Last Modified: 08 May 2024

Almost all board exams in the country are going to start from the month of March. With so much pressure and anxiety among students, parents and teachers, here are some valuable tips from the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Tips by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Board Exams 2017-2018


This is what the PM said when a student asked about lack of self-confidence even after complete preparation and revision.

Time Management

He said, students need to identify their priorities. Track what you do throughout the day for few days and then eliminate the activities which are not important. This will make the time management easier.


He explained the concept of concentration in a simple way and suggested that yoga is good for improving concentration.


This is to improve your concentration power. Learning to de-focus will teach you how to focus. So, students are advised to de-focus from exams and relax their mind through recreational activities.


Mr. Modi said that students should not compare themselves with others as every individual is unique. Instead they should compete with themselves.


He advised to do yoga asanas which help in relaxing. Some of such asanas are Tarasan, Shavasan, Yog Nidra, etc. He also emphasized on the importance of getting enough sleep.

Many students requested the PM to address their parents as they often compare them with other children and put undue pressure. On this, he told the students to understand that every parent want the best for their child. And, to parents he requested to be proud of their child’s strength and skills instead of comparing.

These tips were provided by the PM at an event ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ organised at the Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. Mr. Modi addressed the students at the stadium and around the country (who were interacting through webcast) on questions related to board exam preparation and stress.

Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar, was also present at the event. He also addressed the students saying that the aim is to improve the quality of education as well as the attitude of students towards teaching profession. Most of the students opt for B.Ed. only when they are left with no career option. He said this would change now, the quality of teacher training will be improved and Brain Drain will be converted into Brain Gain.