Topic-Wise Preparation Tips For JEE Advanced - Mathematics

Published on : 30th October 2021    Author : Himanshu Basant Bhatt
IIT JEE Advanced Exam

Mathematics is the simplest subject amongst all in JEE Advance, if understood properly; all you have to do is understand the logic and apply it while solving the problems. Another thing that the subject demands mastery is Practice. The saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ goes aptly for mathematics. The more you practice, the more you become perfect.

Mathematics for JEE Advanced covers the following topics:

  • Algebra
  • Complex Number
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Vectors & 3D Geometry
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Trigonometry

Here are topic-wise tips for preparation, which will help you in better preparation.

Algebra: Make algebra easy by converting functions into graphs. This is helpful in calculating the zeros and other values of the functions if you get command in vertical and horizontal shifts. It is very important as it covers approximately 40% of the JEE Mathematics.

Complex Number: Use complex numbers for solving questions in co-ordinate geometry. Apply De Moivre’s theorem in trigonometric problems.

Co-ordinate Geometry: Memorize the formulas, make a formula copy. Practice variety of questions. ‘Circles’ is the most important topic here.

Calculus: This is the most scoring topic with fewer efforts. You just need to mug up the formulas/tricks and apply them. Practice will make you master the topic.

Vector & 3D Geometry: It has only a limited type of questions asked in different styles. So, practice different styles of questions to understand the topic. Again, it’s an easily scoring topic.

Probability & Statistics: Understanding of theorems and applying them correctly is what you need to practice for scoring well in this area.

Trigonometry: Memorize the important formulas. It is used for solving a question and not asked separately. So, start your preparation with trigonometry and then move to other topics.

As mentioned in the beginning, Practice is the most important tools to score well in Mathematics in JEE Advance. So, keep practicing. Solving previous years’ question papers will help a lot. This will help you in identifying the topic of top priority. Apply the tips and with the honest practice you will surely secure good marks in Mathematics.

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