IIFT Exam 2017: Section Wise Detailed Analysis

Last Modified: 17 Apr 2024

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade of IIFT exam 2017 was held on 3rd December 2017 all over India. This year, there are six sections in the exam unlike 4 sections of last year. Each and every section has respective cut-off as mentioned in the test instructions. Here we will analyze all the sections of the in detail according to the Set A of the examination.

Section 1: General Awareness

 This is the most difficult section of the exam every year. There were various topics like sports, corporate logos, corporate entities, Govt policies, stock exchange, currency, etc. The candidates must prepared extreme well to crack this section with the cut off marks. The questions were too much time taking. Most of them are very wordy. Many candidates consider to left out two RC questions as the allotted marks per question was just 0.5.

One question on a not so famous music band confused most of the students. Considering all these points, it can be say that the cut off in this section will be very low.   

Among all the 18 questions, only 4 of them were in the easy category and 4 others in moderate category.

Last year the cut off was 1.99, but this year it can go in between 0.75 to 1.50.

Attempting 8-9 questions in this section can be considered as the good performance in this section.

Section 2 : Verbal Ability

This section was based on English Grammar. The questions were like identifying various phrases in the sentences, punctuation, suffix and prefix. Along with these, there were questions like Analogies, making words from jumble letters, meaning identification, replacing with correct option in a sentence.

The adverb/adjective/noun phrases/clauses of this section had made it more like an English test rather than aptitude test. The analogy section contained unfamiliar words and required more time and concentration to identify the linkage and to select the right answer. Attempts like 8-10 can be considered as the good performance.

Section 3: Reading Comprehension

The reading section did not have much challenge for the candidates. A moderate skill in English is enough to read out the passage. But the questions were little bit difficult which required multiple reading. In the exam paper, there were four passages with 4 questions. The topics of the passages were like ‘Entrepreneurship & Business, Literature, Financial Crisis and Business Management. The expected cut off marks will be 3-4 as 8-10 attempts are good enough for this section.     

Section 4: Logical Reasoning

 The marks distribution and the level of difficulty in the section was as follow:


Difficulty Level

Number of Questions

Distribution (Final placement of the MBA students)



Games and tournaments (Football tournament)



Direction sense (Cricket players)






Logical Deductions



Data sufficiency



Arrangements (Seven persons travelling in a train



Distributions (Sports telecasted on TV channels)



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The input-output part of the section required time and concentration. The questions on the distribution were not very difficult but time consuming. The games and tournaments questions were tricky but easy. The candidate with a clear concept of the logical deduction basic, can answer the questions easily. The data sufficiency questions were on coding –decoding and arrangements which were quite easy to crack.

This section served as a relief to the students. Around 8-10 attempts can be considered as good in this section and the expected cut off will be like 4-5.

Section 5: Quantitative Ability

This year, the difficulty level was on higher side as compared to last year. most of the questions were lengthier and moderate to difficult to solve.


Number of Questions





Pure Math






Venn Diagram


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Three questions from Sequence and Series, Co-ordinate Geometry and Function were relatively easy. The other questions are like moderate to difficult. A candidate with good preparation can attempt 10-12 questions in this segment, and expected cut off is like 3-4 marks.

Section 6: Data Interpretation

DI was one of the difficult sections of the examination. There were three sets of five questions set. All of the questions were based on Table and Line graph and lengthy and calculative.

5-8 attempts can be considered as good numbers and the expected cu-off will be around 2-3.