MBBS 2019 Syllabus Changed – MCI Focuses on These Topics

Published on : 13th November 2018    Author : Satyaranjan Bai

MBBS will have more classes focusing on communication skills, public health and mental health.

13th November 2018: The Medical Council of India will be making some changes in the MBBS 2019 syllabus. MCI has taken such a step and will be bringing about the changes for the first time in the past 21 years. According to the Council, the revised syllabus will be implemented in the upcoming academic year. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) will have more topics focusing on communication skills, public health and mental health.

Changes Made to MBBS Syllabus 2019

  • Three more topics have been added to the syllabus, which means there will be more classes
  • The focus will be on mental health, communication skills and public health
  • The Council will concentrate on counselling people (particularly, patients and their relatives) about donating various organs of the body and the benefits.
  • Moreover, there will be ‘outcome-based’ classes, such as AETCOM, etc. introduced to the students in the 1st year.

What’s AETCOM?

AETCOM is Attitude, Ethics and Communication. The classes will be made mandatory from the first year to train the medical aspirants about behaving and communicating with patients and their relatives. Students will undergo a process where they will be tested based on their ability - whether they can handle the situation (communicating with patients) properly. This way, the communication gap between patients and doctors can be eradicated to a great extent.

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