CBSE Board 2020: Exam Patter Changed To Make it ‘Student-Friendly’

Last Modified: 21 May 2024

As per the official tweet on 20th Aug 2019, CBSE 2020 exam pattern has changed to make it student-friendly. Experts disagree with the decision.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the revised exam pattern for CBSE Board Exam 2020. The new examination pattern has been met with a mixed response from the students, teachers and academic expert in the last few days. Following this, CBSE has published a clarification which states that the CBSE Board Exam 2020 pattern has been changed for the class 10th and class 12th. The aim to initiate this step is to make the education system more student-friendly. More than this, CBSE also claims that the new examination pattern seeks to reduce the overall length of the paper which is likely to reduce exam stress among the students.

CBSE Board Exam Pattern 2020 – Key Changes

Amongst the several changes introduced in the new pattern, the main one contains an introduction of 20 marks of internal assessment for all subjects along with a practical examination of the majority of subjects. More than this, CBSE also plans to reduce the overall number of questions asked for a few subjects by 30%.

Check out the changes in a comprehensive manner:

  • Objective Type Questions To Gain Conceptual Knowledge – The Board is expected to increase the number of objective type questions in the board exam along with the provision of increase in the internal choices for the candidates within the question papers. Through this decision, students will undertake through the study pattern of the subject and gain conceptual knowledge instead of merely memorizing answers or rote learning.
  • Length Curtailed Question Paper to Decrease Exam Stress – Currently, CBSE is designing lengthy papers that require a lot of time to solve. In this league, the board is reducing the length of the exam paper that will reduce the exam stress among the students.
  • Practical or Internal Assessment for Better Understanding – With the provision of increase in the internal choices for the candidates within the question papers, it will help students in developing a better understanding of concepts and boosts the experiential learning process. 
  • Two Levels of Maths Exam - Among other initiatives, the Board has also introduced two levels of Mathematics Exams for Class 10 from 2020 onwards i.e. Mathematics – Standard and Basic. The existing syllabus for Maths will be termed as Standard syllabus while Basic will be added under the banner of easy level.

Note: Students who fail to clear the Mathematics Standard level will have the option to appear for the Compartmental exam in either of the two levels.

While many educationists have argued that this will make the exams easier, thus no students will take the education system more seriously. Professional claims that such an initiative should not help students to accept challenges in real-life.