How To Prepare Biology For NEET Exam 2018

Published on : 17th August 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

You must have started your preparation for the NEET Exam 2018. If not, it’s not too late, you still have time. What you need is to manage the time efficiently by preparing an effective study plan. Here are some tips on how to prepare biology for NEET exam 2018.

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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is considered as a biology-centric exam as 90 questions out of 180 questions are asked from the subject.

Prepare Biology for NEET Exam 2018

The question paper consists of three sections:

  • Physics (45 question)
  • Chemistry (45 questions)
  • Biology (90 questions from both Botany and Zoology)

Let’s get back to our topic and discuss how to prepare biology for NEET exam 2018.

Understand the Syllabus

To begin with understand the syllabus well. By this we mean, you must have knowledge about how important a particular topic is so that you can plan to invest your time accordingly.

Check out the diagram below to see the importance of various topics in Biology


Apart from this, here is the analysis of NEET 2017 question paper which will help you in better understanding of the exam pattern.


Number of Questions

Genetics and Evolution


Human Physiology




Diversity in Living Organisms




Biology and Human Welfare


Structural Organization in Plants and Animals


Cell Structure and Function


Plant Physiology




You can get the complete NEET Syllabus here.

Prepare an Effective Study Plan

Now that you know the importance of topics and are aware about previous year’s pattern for Biology, make an effective study plan by allocating study time according to the importance of the topics. Stick to your study plan. Make changes if required as you move ahead. Include all the three subjects in your time table.

Study Material

This is indeed the most important aspect of your preparation. The quality of your study resources will determine your score in the exam. NCERT of Class XI and XII are the first and best source of clarifying the basic concepts. Some other good books to study Biology for NEET exam are:

  • NCERT Xtract – Objective Biology for Class 11 & 12, NEET, AIPMT, AIIMS, JIPMER, BHU, AMU, State PMTs 2nd Edition
  • Moderns ABC of Biology for XI & XII – B. B. Arora, A. K. Sabharwal- Modern Publishers
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology, Vol I and II
  • Exploring Biology (Vol 1 & 2) – Sanjay Sharma & Sudhakar Banerjee – Arihant Publications

Practice to become better

Practice is the most important activity. While you complete the topics from NCERT, keep practicing objective type questions from NCERT Xtract. Don’t leave the practice part for end when you complete the syllabus. Keep practicing questions from topics you have completed. Mock tests, practice papers and sample papers are available online.

Another thing which you need to follow is analyse the mock test when you are done. Without analysis you will not be able to find out your weak areas for NEET exam.

On last note, please remember that NEET paper being Biology-centric doesn’t mean that you can ignore Physics and Chemistry. Both subjects are scoring and have to be prepared well. You can check out our articles on the topics how to prepare chemistry for NEET 2018 and how to prepare Physics for NEET 2018 for assistance in preparation.

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