Latest Current Affairs Question Answers - 24th September 2018

Q1. India to hold its first-ever global tourism mart in which city?

A.  Chennai

B.  New Delhi

C.  Pune

D.  Amritsar

Q2. What is the India’s ranks in the latest UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) report 2018?

A.  136

B.  134

C.  132

D.  130

Q 3. Which country is host to the World chefs’ congress 2018?

A.  Japan

B.  Australia

C.  China

D.  India

Q 4. The Delhi government has signed a “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement” with which city to share expertise on 12 fields?

A.  Paris

B.  Seoul

C.  Japan

D.  Geneva

Q 5. Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has recently commissioned which indigenously built patrol vessel?

A.  Vijaya

B.  Baratang

C.  Tarmugli

D.  Chetlat

Q 6. Which of the following is the India’s first underwater robotic drone?


B.  EyeROV TUNA               



Q 7. The first lion safari of Rajasthan has come up at which of the following parks?

A.  Ranthambore National Park          

B.  Keoladeo National Park

C.  Sariska National Park

D.  Nahargarh Biological Park

Q 8. The scientists at which central research institute have developed India’s first indigenous anti-nuclear medical kit?

A.  Aryabhatta Research Institute of  Observational Sciences

B.  Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

C.  Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany

D.  Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences

Q 9. What is the theme of the 2018 International Day of Democracy?

 A.  Fight for democracy

 B.  Democracy under Strain: Solutions for a Changing World

 C.  Democracy and conflict prevention

D.  Democracy for Universal Peace

Q 10. National Engineer’s Day (NED) is celebrated in India on which date?

A.  September 15

B.  September 16

C.  September 17

D.  September 14

Q 11. India’s first exclusive dog park has comes up in which city?

A.  Hyderabad

B.  Jaipur

C.  New Delhi

D.  Lucknow

Q 12. The Ministry of Tourism is organizing the festival of tourism “Paryatan Parv 2018” from which city?

A.  New Delhi

B.  Hyderabad

C.  Kanpur

D.  Bhopal

Q 13. Which of the following is the highest volcanic peak of Asia?

A.  Mount Takao

B.  Mount Bromo

C.  Mount Fuji

D.  Mount Damavand

Q 14. Who will be honoured with Meera Puruskar by Rajasthan Sahitya Academy?

A.  Man Singh Rathore

B.  Manisha Gulyani

C.  Sawai Singh Shekhawat

D.  Brij Bhushan Kabra

Q 15. Who has been sworn-in as the new Prime Minister of Sudan ?

A.  John Garang

B.  Omar al-Bashi

C.  Moutaz Mousa Abdallah

D.  Bakri Hassan Saleh

Q 16. Which launch vehicle of ISRO has successfully launched NovaSAR and S1-4 earth observation satellites of U.K from Sriharikota spaceport?

A.  PSLV-C42

B.  PSLV-C41

C.  PSLV-C40

D.  PSLV-C44

Q 17. Which state Tourism bagged two Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) gold awards 2018 for its innovative marketing campaigns?

A.  Odisha

B.  Madhya Pradesh

C.  Kerala

D.  Gujarat

Q 18. Which country’s team has lifted the 2018 South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Cup?

A.  Bangladesh

B.  Maldives

C.  India

D.  Bhutan

Q 19. ISRO has recently launched Polarimetry Doppler Weather Radar of which frequency band at Sriharikota spaceport?

A.  C–band

B.  K–band

C.  S–band

D.  X–band

Q 20. Former Asian Games champion Ganpatrao Andalka was associated to which sports, who passed away recently?

A.  Sprint

B.  Wrestling

C.  Tennis

D.  Boxing

Q 21. India’s first ‘smart fence’ pilot project has been launched along which border?

A.  China border

B.  Myanmar border

C.  Pakistan border

D.  Bangladesh border

Q 22. Which Indian personality has been inducted into the board of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)?

A.  S Jaishankar

B.  Vijay Kumar

C.  R P Gopalan

D.  K S Rastogi

Q 23. Which state government has launched ‘Star-Rating’ system for industries to check air pollution?

A.  Punjab

B.  Uttar Pradesh

C.  Odisha

D.  Madhya Pradesh

Q 24. The Government of India (GoI) has proposed to merge which of the following banks to create India’s third largest lender?

A.  BoB, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank

B.  Indian Bank, PNB and BoB

C.  BoI, IDBI and PNB

D.  BoB, PNB and Allahabad Bank             

Q 25. Which country has rolled out world’s first hydrogen-powered train?

A.  Germany

B.  Denmark

C.  Norway

D.  Italy

Q 26. What is the India’s rank on family-owned business list, as per recent published report of Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI)?

A.  3rd

B.  4th

C.  5th

D. 2nd

Q 27. Who is the author of the book “Kashi: Secret of the Black Temple”?

A.  Vineet Bajpai

B.  Gaurav Bhatia

C.  Navin Chawla

D.  Neeta Gupta

Q 28. First international maqom musical was held in:

A.  Tajikistan

B.  India

C.  Uzbekistan

D.  Iran

Q 29. Mt Everest Friendship Exercise is the name of military exercise between:

A.  India & Nepal

B.  India, Nepal and China

C.  Nepal & China

D.  India & China

Q30.Name the Boxer who has been nominated for the Dronacharya Award for 2018 in Boxing.

A.Subedar Chenanda Achaiah Kuttappa


C.Ram Niwas

D.Omkar Yadav

Q31. Who released the draft India Cooling Action Plan on 24th World Ozone Day?

A.Shri Vijay Kumar Singh

B.Shri Narendra Modi

C.Shri Harsh Vardhan

D.Smt Smriti Irani

Q32.India has launched Green Agriculture project along with which international organisation to bring transformative change in the farm sector?





Q33.Recently, India and __________ signed the revised Air Services Agreement.





Q34.ISRO's first Space Technology Incubation Centre was inaugurated in which state?


B.West Bengal



Q35.Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship signed a MoU with this company in vocational education and training recently.

A.Indo French Chamber of Commerce

B.Indo Italian Chamber Of Commerce

C.Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce

D.Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

Q36.Which company has signed up as a global Olympic sponsor for a 4-Games period of 10 years?





Q37.India Post Payments Bank join hand with this insurance company "To Provide Insurance To All" in the country.

A.Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

B.Bajaj Finserv

C.SBI Life Insurance

D.HDFC Life Insurance

Q38.Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL) sell its supermarket chain More to Samara Capital for the cost of;

A.₹4,000 crore

B.₹3,000 crore

C.₹3,700 crore

D.₹4,200 crore

Q39.Mrutyunjay Mahapatra was appointed as the MD and CEO of:

A.Syndicate Bank

B.Andhra Bank

C.Allahabad Bank

D.Dena Bank

Q40.The host country of 2018 Track Asia Cup cycling tournament is





Q41.Romania and __________ agreed to intensify cooperation at the United Nations and other multilateral fora in order to address global challenges.





Q42.Which Indian movie won the Toronto International film festival's prestigious 'Grolsch People's Choice Midnight Madness Award' 2018?

A.Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota




Q43.Guru Nanak Dev University has conferred with which of the following trophy?

A.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy

B.Four Column Trophy

C.Emmy Award

D.Golden Globes

Q44.Airports Authority of India approved a facial recognition technology under the 'DigiYatra' scheme for this city's Airport.

A.Chennai International Airport

B.Mumbai International Airport

C.Kolkata International Airport

D.Hyderabad International Airport

Q45.With which state government Jammu and Kashmir signed an agreement on the Shahpur Kandi project?


B.Uttar Pradesh



Q46.Which ministry signed the MoUs with the Tata Trusts and Dell to provide a technological platform for the management program of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)?

A.Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

B.Ministry of AYUSH

C.Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

D.Ministry of Women and Child Development

Q47.International Day of Peace is celebrated on 21 September with the theme of;

A.The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace

B.Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All

C.The Right to Peace - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70

D.Partnerships for Peace - Dignity for All

Q48.Name the missile which is successfully tested by the DRDO.





Q49.Cyclone-30, the biggest cyclotron in India for medical application became operational in which city?





Q50.With which country India signed an MOU for establishment of the Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre?





Q51.Who has been elected as the new president of the Tamil Nadu Tennis Association (TNTA)?

A.Anand Amritraj

B.Prakash Padukone

C.Vijay Amritraj

D.Ramanathan Krishnan

Q52.Who approved new KYC norms for Foreign Portfolio Investors?





Q53.Name the first Indian-origin person to be appointed Honorary Lieutenant Commander in the UK's Royal Navy?

A.Himanshu Kapoor

B.Sumit Rawat

C.Raj Aggarwal

D.Raj Kumar S

Q54.Who wrote a book on sprinter Dutee Chand titled "Story So Far"?

A.Sundeep Misra

B.Vikram Seth

C.Ruskin Bond

D.Aravind Adiga

Q55.The Seventh UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism held in __________.





Q56.ISRO, Department of Space and this ministry agreed to set up an Integrated Control Room For Emergency Response.

A.Ministry of Home Affairs

B.Ministry Of Defence

C.Ministry of Civil Aviation

D.Ministry of Human Resource Development

Q57.World Bank approves Country Partnership Framework for this country recently.





Q58.Name the former foreign secretory of India who joined the board of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF).

A.S Jaishankar

B.Ramji Tandon

C.Ravi Shastri S

D.Maninder Singh

Q59.Who gave an approval the Akash Surface to Air Missile (SAM) systems for the Army?





Q60. Jharkhand government signed a MoU with which insurance company to provide medical facilities to the people of the state under ”Ayushman Bharat Yojana”, on 21st September 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Life Insurance Corporation of India
C.  National Insurance Company Ltd
D.  General Insurance Company
E.  Maxlife Insurance Limited

Q61. Which state has become the first State in North East India to introduce Smart e-Public Distribution System (e-PDS) developed by the Madras Security Printers?
A.  Arunachal Pradesh
B.  Mizoram
C.  None of these
D.  Sikkim
E.  Manipur

Q62. Where was “Naropa Festival” celebrated which concluded with a Guinness World Record by making the “Largest Ladakhi Dance”, on 22nd September 2018?
A.  Aizawl, Mizoram
‎B.  None of these
C.  Ladakh‎, ‎Jammu and Kashmir
D.  Dehradun, Uttarakhand
E.  Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Q63. Where will be the 3rd edition of ‘MahaBiz 2018’ International Business Conference held on 12th and 13th October 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Abu Dhabi
C.  Ireland
D.  Dubai
E.  Egypt

Q64. Where was the 5th meeting of Nepal-India Boundary Working Group (BWG) held from 19th to 21st September 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  New Delhi, India
C.  Mumbai, India
D.  Kathmandu, Nepal
E.  Shimla, India

Q65. Which movie has been selected to represent India in the Best Foreign Language category at the 91st Academy Awards 2019?
A.  Village Rockstars
B.  None of these
C.  Dangal
D.  Tumhari Sulu
E.  Newton

Q66. Name the IL&FS Financial Services Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who resigned from his position on 21st September 2018?
A.  Shhubhalakshmi Panse
B.  None of these
C.  Krishna Kumar
D.  Renu Challu
E.  Ramesh Bawa

Q67. Where is Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) setting up a third launch pad to undertake the Gaganyaan manned space flight programme?
A.  Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
B.  Nagpur, Maharashtra
C.  None of these
D.  Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh
E.  Bengaluru, Karnataka

Q68. India won silver medal in the Asian Team Snooker Championship held in ______ on 21st September 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  New Delhi, India
C.  Hanoi, Vietnam
D.  Doha, Qatar
E.  Jakarta, Indonesia

Q69. When was World Rose Day or Cancer Free Day observed?
A.  None of these
B.  September 21
C.  September 22
D.  September 19
E.  September 20