Latest Current Affairs Question Answers - 17th September 2018

Q1. Under what law, the Internal Ombudsman (IO) scheme 2018 gives statutory powers to Internal


A.  Lokpal and Lokayukta Act
B.  Companies Act
C.  Banking Regulaton Act
D.  RBI Act

Q2. Which country has recently announced to launch Mars Mission “HOPE” by 2020?

A.  Israel
B.  Iran
C.  Oman

Q3. Which of the following cities is the venue of the first round of the India-US ‘two-plus-two dialogue’?

A.  New Delhi
B.  Washington DC
C.  Mumbai
D.  New York

Q4. The 2018 edition of Maralal International Camel Derby event was held in which African country?

A.  Tanzania
B.  Ghana
C.  Senegal
D.  Kenya

Q5. Which state government has decided to provide free mobile phones to women of BPL families?

A.  Himachal Pradesh
B.  Gujarat
C.  Uttar Pradesh
D.  Rajasthan

Q6. Which of the following cities is the venue of the International Aviation Summit 2018?

A.  Kolkata
B.  Chennai
C.  New Delhi 
D.  Pune             

Q7. Aurora Prize Laureate Kyaw Hla Aung, who will donate $1 million award money to help Rohingya refugees, is from which country?

A.  Myanmar
B.  Japan
C.  Indonesia
D.  South Korea

Q8. Who has been elected as the new President of Pakistan?

A.  Arif Alvi
B.  Maulana Fazlur
C.  Aitzaz Ahsan
D.  Mamnoon Hussain

Q9. The Government of India (GoI) has approved a proposal by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) to increase wages of artisans by over how much percent?

A.  40%
B.  36%
C.  30%
D.  35%

Q10. Which Indian shooter bagged gold in the 50m pistol event at 2018 ISSF World Championship in South Korea?

A.  Om Prakash Mitharwal
B.  Abhidnya Patil
C.  Saurabh Chanudhary
D.  Jitu Rai

Q11. Which two countries will participate in SLINEX-2018 naval exercise?

A.  Italy and Spain
B.  India and South Africa 
C.  Indonesia and Singapore 
D.  India and Sri Lanka

Q12. Which country has signed pact with India to collaborate on ISRO’s first human spaceflight programme “Gaganyaan”?

A.  France 
B.  Germany
C.  United States
D.  Japan

Q13. Which of the following technology initiatives has been launched by the Union Government for coffee growers?

A.  Coffee Connect
B.  Coffee Krishi
C.  Coffee Geo
D.  Coffee Tharanga

Q14. On which date, the 2018 International Day of Charity (IDC) was observed recently?

A.  September 4
B.  September 6
C.  September 3
D.  September 5

Q15. Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who is expected to become 46th Chief Justice of India (CJI), hails from which North-East State of India?

A.  Arunachal Pradesh
B.  Tripura
C.  Nagaland
D.  Assam 

Q16. KAZIND-2018 is an army exercise between India and which country?

A.  Kazakhstan
B.  Kyrgyzstan
C.  Kuwait
D.  Kenya

Q17. Which Indian personality has been elected as new Regional Director of WHO South-East Asia?

A.  Poonam Khetrapal Singh
B.  Kurian Joseph
C.  Manan Kumar Mishra
D.  Madan B Lokur

Q18. India has recently signed pact with which European country for establishment of Hindi chair at Sofia University?

A.  Cyprus
B.  Spain
C.  Bulgaria
D.  Czech Republic

Q19. Which of the following cities is the venue of the 2nd World Hindu Congress (WHC) 2018?

A.  Chicago
B.  Paris
C.  Geneva
D.  Brelin

Q20. Bhagwati Kumar Sharma, who passed away recently, was the renowned author and journalist of which state?

A.  Gujarat
B.  Rajasthan
C.  Madhya Pradesh
D.  Uttar Pradesh

Q21. Which country is host to the 87th Izmir International tradeshow 2018?

A.  India
B.  Kazakhstan
C.  Israel
D.  Turkey

Q22. Govindan Lakshmanan is associated with which sports?

A.  Basketball
B.  Badminton
C .  Sprint
D.  Hockey

Q23. Recently, the 25th Raising Day of Delta Force celebrated. It is a counter insurgency force of which Indian Armed Force (IAF)?

A.  Indian Air Force
B.  Indian Army
C.  Indian Coast Guard
D.  Indian Navy

Q24. Which military communications pact has been signed by India and the United States in the first round of the ‘2-plus-2-dialogue’?


Q25. Which of the following cities is the venue of Defence & Homeland Security Expo and Conference – 2018?

A.  New Delhi
B.  Pune
C.  Hyderabad
D.  Agartala

Q26. Which sportsperson has been appointed the new Brand Ambassador of BSNL?

A.  Rani Rampal
B.  Neeraj Chopra
C.  Bajrang Punia
D.  Mary Kom 

Q27. Section 377, which has been recently decriminalised came into force in which year?

A.  1864
B.  1861
C.  1862 
D.  1860

Q28. Burt Reynolds, who passed away recently, was the veteran personality of which field?

A.  Sports
B.  Journalism
C.  Politics
D.  Film Industry

Q29. Which of the following movies has became the first Bollywood film ever to release in Saudi Arabia?

A.  Parmanu
B.  Raazi
C.  Gold
D.  Pad Man

Q30. The Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention (MGISC-2018) will be organized by which union ministry?

A.  Ministry of Urban Development                                           
B.  Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
C.  Ministry of Rural Development
D.  Ministry of Women and Child Development

Q31. Which Indian sportsperson has been officially named as the Sports Ambassador of Assam?

A.  Hima Das     
B.  Fouaad Mirza
C.  Dutee Chand
D.  Neeraj Chopra

Q32. Which Indian woman writer has authored a new novel “The Rule Breakers”?

A.  Jhumpa Lahiri
B.  Anuja Chauhan
C.  Preeti Shenoy
D.  Anita Desai

Q33. Which noted Odia poet will be honoured with the prestigious 39th edition of the ‘Sarala Puraskar’ award 2018?

A.  Umesh Chandra Kar
B.  Ghasiram Mishra
C.  Satrughna Pandav
D.  Banaj Devi

Q34. Which Indian economist has been conferred ‘Honoris Causa’ by the University of Engineering & Management (UEM) in Kolkata?

A.  Bibek Debroy
B.  Kaushik Basu
C.  Manmohan Singh
D.  Amartya Sen

Q35. Under which article, the Odisha Assembly has passed a resolution for establishing Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad) in the state?

A.  Article 168
B.  Article 171
C.  Article 170
D.  Article 169

Q36. Chagos Islands, which is in news recently, is the disputed islands between which of the following countries?

A.  Mauritius and United Kingdom 
B.  Maldives and United States
C.  Maldives and Mauritius
D.  United Kingdom and United States

Q37. Which of the following cities is the venue of the 6th International Geriatric Orthopaedic Society of India Conference 2018?

A.  Udaipur
B.  New Delhi
C.  Bhopal
D.  Lucknow

Q38. India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge “Bogibeel” will come up over which river?

A.  Godavari
B.  Brahmaputra
C.  Yamuna
D.  Ganga

Q39. Who is the head of the committee to select new Chief Economic Advisor (CEA)?

A.  Bimal Jalan
B.  Jagdish Bhagwati
C.  Bibek Debroy
D.  Amartya Sen

Q40. Who will represent India at the 67th Miss Universe 2018 pageant in Bangkok?

A.  Aditi Hundia
B.  Roshni Sheoran
C.  Hannah Reji Koshy
D.  Nehal Chudasama

Q41. Who clinched the men’s singles title of US Open 2018?

A.  Novak Djokovic
B.  Juan Martin del Potro
C.  Rafael Nadal
D.  Kei Nishikori

Q42. Which of the following cities is the venue of the 12th Aero India 2019?

A.  Pune
B.  Bengaluru
C.  Chennai
D.  New Delhi

Q43. Which of the following cities is the venue of the Regional Conference on Good Governance with Focus on Aspirational Districts?

A.  Bhopal
B.  Jaipur
C.  Patna
D.  Lucknow

Q44. The researchers at which institute have developed cheaper organic solar cells using vitamin B12 derivative?

A.  IISER Bhopal
B.  IISER Pune
C.  IISc Bangalore
D.  IIITM Gwalior

Q45. Who has become the first Japanese player to clinched the women’s singles title of US Open 2018?

A.  Naomi Osaka
B.  Kurumi Nara
C.  Arpinder Singh
D.  Kimiko Date

Q46. Who has created history by becoming the first Indian to win a medal in IAAF Continental Cup?

A.  Heena Sidhu
B.  Rahi Sarnobat
C.  Neeraj Chopra
D.  Arpinder Singh

Q47. What is the theme of the 2018 International Literacy Day (ILD)?

A.  Reading the Past, Writing the Future
B.  Literacy in a digital world
C.  Literacy and Sustainable Societies
D.  Literacy and skills development

Q48. Who was appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Kyrgyz Republic?

A. Shri Alok Amitabh Dimri

B. Shri Sanjay Rana

C. Shri Manjeev Singh Puri

D. Shri Prabhat Kumar

49. Who has been sworn in as new Chief Justice of Nepal?

A. Damodar Prasad Sharma

B. Ram Kumar Prasad Shah

C. Om Prakash Mishra

D. Shri Sanjay Rana

Q50. Which state become the 3rd State to adopt RADMS software?

A. Andra Pradesh

B. Karnataka

C. Jammu and Kashmir

D. Odisha

Q51. Who lost the 2018 Australian Open Women's Singles match?

A. Simona Halep

B. Kristina Mladenovic

C. Timea Babos

D. Caroline Wozniacki

Q52. The Theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 is;

A. Connect, Communicate, Care

B. Working Together to Prevent Suicide

C. Take a Minute, Change a Life

D. Think Globally, Plan Nationally, Act Locally

Q53. Name the Indian Actor who has been selected to host National Geographics Mega Icons series.

A. R Madhavan

B. Siddharth

C. Sharman Joshi

D. Anil Kapoor

Q54. How many new project are inagurated between India and Bangladesh recently?

A. 6

B. 8

C. 5

D. 3

Q55. National Green Tribunal (NGT) appointed how many committees to monitor disposal of garbage?

A. 3

B. 7

C. 4

D. 5

Q56. Shri B. Vanlalvawna was appointed as the next Ambassabor of India to the __________.

A. Bahrain

B. Turkmenistan

C. Azerbaijan

D. Armenia

Q57. The first regional workshop on RERA (Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act) was inagurated by;

A. Hardeep Singh Puri

B. R. K. Singh

C. Lakshmi Puri

D. Syed Akbaruddin

Q58. This is the first international airport that roll out facial recognition facility for the passengers from 2019.

A. Bengaluru International airport

B. Mumbai International airport

C. Chennai International airport

D. Visakhapatnam International airport

Q59. Nomadic Elephant-2018 is a joint exercise between India and __________.

A. Bhutan

B. Mongolia

C. Nepal

D. Cambodia

Q60. Which airline launched the first freighter aircraft along with the air cargo services?

A. SpiceJet

B. GoAir

C. Air India

D. AirAsia

Q61. Which country will host the 2018 Global Summit on Climate Action?

A. Brazil

B. United States

C. France

D. United Kingdom

Q62. The Minister of Railways and Coal, Piyush Goyal launched a web portal __________ which provides a platform for the Corporates and PSUs.

A. Rail Sathyog

B. Whistleblower

C. Rail Sahyog

D. Voluntary Safety Reporting

Q63. The first-ever BIMSTEC military exercise "MILEX-18" has been held in which city?

A. Pune

B. Lucknow

C. Chennai

D. Hyderabad

Q64. This state government signed a pact with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) for ethanol plant?

A. Tamilnadu

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. Andra Pradesh

D. Haryana

Q65. With which company NITI Aayog and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research set up a Model International Center for Transformative Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI)?

A. Intel

B. Microsoft

C. Google


Q66. My India WiFi India Summit & Awards 2018 was held in New Delhi with the theme of;

A. Achieving 10 million WiFi Hotspots by 2018

B. Use Wifi to Grow more

C. India with 10 million WiFi

D. Pay attention Use Internet

Q67. Which state prepares draft employment policy;aims to ensure zero employment?

A. Jharkhand

B. Telangana

C. Punjab

D. Goa

Q68. Garcha won __________ in the 52nd ISSF World Championships in SouthKorea.

A. Gold

B. Bronze

C. None of the Above

D. Silver

Q69. Who has acquired JP Morgan's real estate fund management platform in India?

A. TPG Capital

B. Oaktree Capital Management

C. CEVA Logistics

D. Apollo Global Management

Q70. Which Indian cricketer become the 1st player to pick 300 international wickets in Women's Cricket?

A. Anisa Mohammed

B. Mithali Raj

C. Jhulan Goswami

D. Sarah Taylor

Q71. India Post Payments Bank has partnered with this for creating a payments acceptance network for unorganized retail.

A. Financial Software and Systems

B. Sensiple Software Solutions

C. Syntel

D. Aspire Systems

Q72. Sunil Shah was appointed as the CEO for the India & Romania units of this company.

A. Boursorama

B. BNP Paribas

C. Societe Generale

D. Credit Mutuel

Q73. In which location did the Airports Authority of India (AAI) plan to build its seaplane and water aerodrome project?

A.  Loktak Lake

B. Wular Lake

C. Chilika Lake

D. Nainital Lake

Q74. Who flagged off the bus services between Bihar and Nepal, recently?

A. Shri Sushil Kumar Modi

B. Shri Nitish Kumar

C. Shri Jitan Ram Manjhi

D. Shri Narendra Modi

Q75. Name of the Indian-American scientist who has been awarded as "Outstanding Investigator Award" by the U.S. National Cancer Institute.

A. Arul Chinnaiyan

B. Jayant Narlikar

C. E.C. George Sudarshan

D. Anil Kakodkar

Q76. Who starts India's 1st railway varsity operations in Vadodara?





Q77. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved electrification of remaining un-electrified broad gauge routes of Indian Railways. A total of 13,675 kilometres of un-electrified routes will be electrified at a cost of ______ crore rupees by 2021-22?
A.  None of these
B.  ₹ 45,366.56 crore
C.  ₹ 34,536.45 crore
D.  ₹ 12,134.50 crore
E.  ₹ 56,653.46 crore

Q78. Competition Commission of India approved the acquisition of Pipeline Infrastructure by which organization on 13th September 2018?
A.  Tata Infrastructure Limited
B.  National Infrastructure Trust
C.  None of these
D.  India Infrastructure Trust
E.  Hindustan Infrastructure Trust

Q 79. Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi launched India’s first NSP Mobile App in New Delhi, on 13th September 2018. Expand NSP?
A.  None of these
B.  National Scholars Portal
C.  National Students Portal
D.  National Scholarship Portal
E.  National Science Portal

Q80. Chhattisgarh Assembly passed ____ crore supplementary budget for the financial year 2018-19, on 13thSeptember 2018?
A.  ₹ 2,400 crore
B.  None of these
C.  ₹ 3,455 crore
D.  ₹ 7,563 crore
E.  ₹ 9,563 crore

Q81. High Level Committee (HLC) chaired by the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh approved additional Central Assistance to Maharashtra and which state from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF), on 13th September 2018?
A.  Uttar Pradesh
B.  Bihar
C.  None of these
D.  Assam
E.  Madhya Pradesh

Q82. Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal inaugurated the Indo-Bhutan Border Centre at Darranga in which district of Assam, on 13th September 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Karbi Anglong
C.  Guwahati
D.  Baksa
E.  Dispur

Q83. Which state cabinet approved the Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana for setting up micro-irrigation facility, on 13thSeptember 2018?
A.  West Bengal
B.  None of these
C.  Chhattisgarh
D.  Tamil nadu
E.  Telangana

Q84. Jammu and Kashmir administration launched E-Plant clinics in which district on 13th September 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Udhampur
C.  Jammu
D.  Srinagar
E.  Katra

Q85. Which state government banned the manufacturing, sale, distribution and use or possession of e-cigarettes under the category of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), on 13th September 2018?
A.  Tamil Nadu
B.  Maharashtra
C.  Telangana
D.  None of these
E.  Bihar

Q86. India signed how many agreements with Myanmar’s Rakhine State Government to facilitate capacity building and economic development in the province, on 13th September 2018?
A.  6
B.  4
C.  None of these
D.  2
E.  3

Q87. Where was the 3rd Meeting of Joint Working Group on Political and Security Cooperation between India and Afghanistan held on 10th September 2018?
A.  Kabul, Afghanistan
B.  Mumbai, India
C.  None of these
D.  Kolkata, India
E.  New Delhi, India

Q88. Which bank released its 2018 Flagship Statistical Report for Asia and the Pacific focused on ‘Technological Innovation for Agricultural Statistics’, on 13th September 2018?
A.  SoftBank
B.  Asian Development Bank (ADB)
C.  Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
D.  None of these
E.  World Bank

Q89. What is the position of General Insurance Corporation (GIC Re), among the top 40 global reinsurers, as per a recent ranking published by Standard and Poor’s?
A.  3
B.  5
C.  8
D.  None of these
E.  10

Q90. Government has decided to contain fiscal deficit at what percent of GDP for the fiscal year ending March 2019 to avoid a twin deficit problem?
A.  3.3 %
B.  3.2 %
C.  2.4 %
D.  None of these
E.  5.4 %

Q91. India’s first tribal circuit tourism project has launched in which state?

A.  Chhattisgarh
B.  Assam
C.  Rajasthan
D.  Madhya Pradesh

Q92. Which country is host to the 2018 G-20 trade and investment ministerial meeting?

A.  Brazil
B.  Germany
C.  France
D.  Argentina 

Q93. Every year Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14 September. In which year, Hindi was chosen to be state language of Union?

A.  1949
B.  1948
C.  1951
D.  1950

Q94. Who is the head of the committee to look into the harrowing arrest and alleged torture of former space scientist Nambi Narayanan in the ‘ISRO spy scandal’?

A.  D K Jain
B.  K K Joshwa
C.  Dipak Misra
D.  Anupam Shrivastava

Q95. Mehlli Gobhai, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?

A.  Sports
B.  Journalism
C.  Film Industry
D.  Art

Q96. The agricultural festival of Nuakhai has started in which state?

A.  Assam
B.  West Bengal
C.  Nagaland
D.  Odisha

Q97. What is the total fund outlay of recently launched Dairy Processing & Infrastructure Development Fund Scheme, which provides financial assistance to cooperatives?

A₹ 10, 881 crore
B.  ₹ 11,008 crore
C.  ₹ 9, 801 crore
D.  ₹ 12, 801 crore

Q98. Who is the author of the book “Bastar Dispatches: A Passage Through the Wilds”?

A.  Narendra
B.  Nirupam Roy
C.  Aatish Taseer
D.  Vikram Seth