Things You Should Not Do in NEET Exam 2019 Centre

Published on : 31st January 2018

Every candidate must follow the decorum of the exam centre prescribed by conducting body. The Central Board for Secondary Education or CBSE has already suggested some guidelines which the candidates of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET exam 2019 have to follow. Any practice breaking the code of conducts will be considered a breach of examination rules and unfair means practices by the candidates and the candidature may be cancelled on the spot along with criminal proceeding will be initiated. As per the official notification of CBSE, ‘Unfairmeans practice is an activity that allows a candidate to gain an unfair advantage over other candidates.’

The List of Prohibited Acts of the Candidate During NEET Exam 2019:

  1. No candidate is permitted to keep any items which are prohibited and can be used as unfair practices. The items are any stationary article, eatables, electronic gadgets, communication devices, accessories, ornaments, a piece of paper, any other documents or any other materials.
  2. Paying someone to impersonate the original candidate or preparing copy material is strictly prohibited.
  3. The candidates need to follow all rules issued by CBSE for NEET examination time to time.
  4. Candidates are not allowed to write anywhere other than the given OMR sheet.
  5. Candidates should not tear answer sheet or the test booklet.
  6. Candidates must keep quite and don’t try to communicate with any other candidate or any other person other than invigilators during the examination.
  7. No candidate is allowed to take the answer sheet away from examination centre.
  8. Misbehave and threatening any invigilators is strictly prohibited.
  9. Manipulation or fabrication of admit card or any other documents are not acceptable.
  10. Do not try to erase any printed documents on the OMR sheet.
  11. Forceful entry and exit from the examination hall is not acceptable
  12. Never provide wrong information on the answer sheet regarding candidate’s details.
  13. Never use any electronic device after entering examination centre.
  14. If candidates had attempted NEET previously, they need to disclose it.

If any candidate is caught using any of the above-stated practices, it will be considered that he/she is indulging in unfair means. The applicant may be expelled from the exam and ‘also be liable for criminal action’.

List of Banned Items in NEET exam 2019:

CBSE inside the NEET exam centre strictly prohibits the below-listed items. All of them have to go under highly sensitive metal detector before entering exam hall.

  1. Any stationary item like printed or written piece of paper, pencil box, plastic pouch, geometry box, calculator, pen, scale, pen drive, eraser, log table, electronic pen or scanner.
  2. Communication devices like cell phone, Bluetooth headset, earphone, microphone, pager, health band etc.  
  3. Accessories like wallet, goggles, handbags, caps, belts etc
  4. Ring, earrings, nose-pin, chain, necklace, pendants, badge, brooch or any other ornaments.
  5. Any electronic items like a watch, wrist watch, camera, bracelet etc.
  6. Any metallic items
  7. Eatable items in open or packed and water bottle or beverage.
  8. Any item to hide any banned items like Bluetooth or camera.

There will be no place in the examination centre for safekeeping items. So it will be better to keep any valuable items at home. But don’t forget to carry your admit card and required photographs (one passport size and one postcard size pasted on Performa).   

The last time to enter the exam centre is 9:30 AM. No candidate can get entry after that scheduled time. So try to reach the exam centre minimum 1 hour before the scheduled time, considering weather, traffic and location of the exam centre.

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