Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education Placement Program: SMU-DE Job Fairs

Last Modified: 21 Jul 2024

The idea to go for a professional course is to get a decent paying job. Fortunately, Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education or SMU-DE students have an edge over other that they are supported by the placement assistance program. Job Fairs are the Career Connect initiative program of SMU-DE. Students can register with it and whenever there is any Job Fair by SMU DE, students can visit and go for interview and placement.

What is the placement approach of SMU DE?

Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education or SMU-DE is one of the only distance education universities, which provides placement assistance too after completing the professional courses. SMU-DE offers courses in Information technology and Management fields.

Though, courses at Sikkim Manipal University distance education don’t have a campus or classroom method of learning; but they are no inferior from any regular courses. Their placement program is not a regular placement program, you find anywhere. This is a complete grooming and development program. Students will get the right way to explore their best skill sets and get the companies which they prefer and best suitable for them.

The Placement Approach of Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education

The placement approach of Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education or SMU-DE is targeted to get the placement of students by accomplishing these objectives.

  • Aspirations

The first and foremost step for a stable and successful career is the understanding of the aspiration for a certain career choice. Students, who enroll for management course (any UG or PG), they should have an aspiration to work in the management vertical; this makes you more comfortable for the profile.

  • Suitability

The placement program of SMU-DE works on the suitability of a particular student for a certain sort of job or profile. This is completely depends up on the skill sets of that particular student or candidate. There is an advantage with students who are studying with Manipal university campus program, but that doesn’t make SMU- Distance Education students an inferior one. The important thing is to find the correct skill sets of a person to fulfill the place. A person who is good with networking is not suitable for a developer’s position; SMU-DE makes sure to get the suitability check.

  • Capability

Students, who are good with the theoretical knowledge, but are they equally good with the practical working knowledge to get placed in a company, it’s a key question. Industries have a certain norms and capability requires getting a job; when you are able to reach up to that capability, you will get a better job and placement offers. SMU-DE placement program focuses on this aspect too. 

  • Employability
    • Are you employable?
    • What is your employability quotient?

These are the common questions you will be going to face while applying to any organization. As a student, you should have the understanding that whether you are employable or not. Sikkim Manipal University for distance education makes sure to prepare and equipped students for better employability.

  • Employment

The match of right candidate for the right job is the key for a successful career. SMU-DE always focuses towards placing the right candidates with the right skill sets to get placed at the right job.

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