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Last Modified: 12 Feb 2024

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Eligibility Test (ICAR-NET) is conducted by the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board for determining the eligibility for Assistant Professor/ Lecturer in the State Agricultural Universities and other Universities. The exam is conducted for 57 disciplines. Candidates are required to select a discipline/ subject for the exam as per their postgraduation subject. The ICAR NET exam comprises of a single paper where a total of 150 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are asked from the selected subject. The ICAR NET 2020 exam is scheduled to begin from 8th January and will continue till 10th January 2020. Here, we are providing the detailed syllabus for the ICAR NET 2020 exam. The main topics for all the disciplines are covered and the official link for the detailed syllabus is provided. Check out the complete article for ICAR NET 2020 syllabus.

ICAR NET Syllabus Important Topics -

As discussed above, the computer-based exam will be conducted for 57 disciplines and candidates are required to appear for a single discipline as per their PG subject. The main topics for all the subjects are mentioned as under. The detailed syllabus can be checked by clicking the PDF link.

Subject Code

Disciplines/ Subjects

Main Topics


Agricultural Biotechnology

Cell Structure and Function, Biomolecules and Metabolism, Enzymology, Molecular Genetics, Gene Expression, Gene Cloning, Molecular Biology Techniques, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture, Plant Molecular Biology, Molecular Markers and Genomics, Plant Genetic Engineering


Agricultural Entomology

Systematics, Morphology, Embryology, Internal Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, Biological Control, Chemical Control and Toxicology, Host Plant Resistance, Innovative Approaches in Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management, Pesticide Application Equipments, Pests of Field Crops and their Management, Pests of Horticultural Crops and their Management, Pests of Stored Products and their Management, Arthropod Vectors of Plant Diseases, Honey Bees and Bee-keeping, Silkworms and Sericulture, Lac Insect, Other Useful Insects, Statistics and Computer Application


Agricultural Microbiology

History of Microbial World, Microbial Ecology and Physiology, Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology and Basic Microbiological Techniques, Microbial Biotechnology


Economic Botany & Plant Genetic Resources

Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics, Economically Important Plants - I, II, and III, Biodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources, Germplasm Augmentation, Germplasm Conservation, Biotechnology in PGR, Plant Quarantine, Germplasm characterization, evaluation, maintenance and regeneration


Genetics & Plant Breeding

General Genetics and Plant Breeding, Economics Botany and Plant Breeding Methods, Genome Organization and Cytogenetics of Crop Plants, Quantitative and Biometrical Genetics, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnological Tools in Plant Breeding, Plant Breeding for Stress Resistance and Nutritional Quality, Plant Genetic Resources, Statistical Methods



History and Economic Importance, Nematode Taxonomy and Morphology, Nematological Techniques, Nematode Ecology, Plant Nematode Relationships, Nematode Physiology and Cytology, Nematode Management, Interactions of Nematodes with Soil Organisms, Statistics


Plant Biochemistry

Basic Biochemistry and Biomolecules, Intermediary Metabolism, Enzymes, Vitamins, and Hormones, Molecular Biology, Photosynthesis, Biochemistry of Food-grains, Fruits and Vegetables, plant Metabolic Processes, Plant Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering


Plant Pathology

History and Principles of Plant Pathology, Laboratory and Analytical Techniques, Mycology, Plant Bacteriology, Plant Virology, Plant Disease Epidemiology, Fungal Diseases of Crop Plants, Bacterial and Viral Diseases of Crop Plants, Management of Plant Diseases 


Plant Physiology

Cell Organelles and Water Relations, Metabolic Processes and Growth Regulation, Crop Productivity and Modeling, Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants, Plant Growth Regulators and Plant Development, Mineral Nutrition, Seed Physiology, Climate and Climate Change, Physiology of Horticultural and Plantation Crop Species, Physiology of Flowering and Reproduction, Post-Harvest Physiology, Morphogenesis, Tissue Culture and Plant Transformation


Seed Science & Technology

Seed Biology, Seed Production, Seed Processing, Seed Quality Control, Seed Health, Seed Storage, Seed Industry Development and Marketing, Protection of Plant Varieties

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 01-10


Floriculture & Landscaping

Breeding, Production Technology of Cut Flowers, Production Technology for Loose Flowers, Landscaping, Protected Floriculture, Value Addition, Turfing and Turf Management, CAD for Outdoor and Indoorscaping


Fruit Science

Tropical and Dry Land Fruit Production, Subtropical and Temperature Fruit Production, Biodiversity and Conservation, Canopy Management in Fruit Crops, Breeding of Fruit Crops, Growth and Development, Post Harvest Technology, Biotechnology of Fruit Crops, Protected Fruit Culture


Spices, Plantation & Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Production of Plantation Crops, Production Technology of Spice Crops, Agronomy of Medicinal, Aromatic and Under-Utilized Crops, Breeding of Plantation Crops and Spices, Breeding of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops, Processing of Plantation Crops, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Organic Spice and Plantation Crop Production Technology


Vegetable Science

Production Technology of Cool and Warm Season Vegetable Crops, Growth and Development, Breeding of Vegetable Crops, Seed Production, Systematics of Vegetable Crops, Post Harvest Technolgy of Vegetable Crops, Production Technology of Underexploited Vegetable Crops


Animal Biochemistry

Scope of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Animal Sciences, Aminoacids, Major classes of Enzymes, Bioenergetics, Mechanism of storage, Structure and Metabolic Functions of Water-soluble and Lipid-soluble Vitamins, Photometric, Environmental Pollution in relation to Animal Health


Animal Biotechnology

Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Gene Structure and Regulation of Gene Expression, Genetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA Technology, Cell Culture and Hybridoma Technology, Reproductive Biotechnology and Related Techniques, Molecular Biology Techniques


Animal Genetics & Breeding

Overview of Genetics, Advanced Genetics, Overview of Breeding, Genetic Properties of Population, Population Genetics, Genetic Strategies, Selection Experiments, Genetic Laboratory Techniques, Research Techniques for Quantitative Animal Genetics, Laboratory Animal Breeding


Animal Nutrition

Energy and Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins and Feed Activities, Non-ruminant Nutrition, Rumen Eco-system and Functions, Nutrient Requirements, Forage Conservation and Evaluation. Clinical Nutrition.


Animal Physiology

Cellular Basis of Animal Physiology, Blood and Circulation, Respiration, Digestion, Excretion, Nervous System, Muscle Physiology, Endocrinology, Climate Physiology


Animal Reproduction & Gynaecology

Veterinary Gynaecology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Veterinary Obstetrics, Andrology, Male Infertility, Infertility in Cows and Buffaloes, Equine Reproduction, Canine and Feline Reproduction, Equine Reproduction

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 11-20


Dairy Chemistry

Milk Constituents, Levels, Distribution, Isolation and Genetic Polymorphism of Different Milk Proteins, Milk Lipids, Milk Adulteration, Cream, Heat Stability, Cheese, Ice-cream, PFA and AGMARK, Spectroscopy


Dairy Microbiology

Microflora, Bacteriological Aspects of Processing Techniques like Bactofugation, LP System, Microbiological Quality of Fat Rich Products, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Microbiological Quality of Indigenous Dairy Products, Preparation of Byproducts, Microbiological Aspects of Quality Control and Quality Assurance


Dairy Technology

Market Milk, Frozen Milk Products, Cheese and Fermented Milk Products, Dried Milk products, Indigenous Milk Products, Packaging of Milk and Milk Products, Cleaning and Sanitation, Legal and Quality Aspects for Milk and Milk Products


Livestock Product Technology

Basic and General Aspects of Livestock Products, Abattoir and Poultry Processing Plants, Processing and Preservation, Wool, Mohair and Fur, Packaging, Marketing


Livestock Production Management

Breeding Management, Feeding Management, Reproduction Management, Shelter Management, Health Management, Wildlife Management

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Poultry Science

Poultry Genetics and Breeding, Avian Physiology, Poultry Management, Economics and Marketing, Poultry Health Management


Veterinary Medicine

General Medicine, Gastroenterology, Diagnosis of Animal Diseases, Production and Deficiency Diseases, Common Toxicities, Infectious Diseases, Parasitic Diseases, Poultry Diseases, Special Therapeutic Approaches, Common Diseases of Zoo, Laboratory Animals and Wildlife


Veterinary Microbiology

General Bacteriology, General Virology, Systematic Bacteriology, Mycology, Systematic Virology, Immunology, Molecular Cell Biology


Veterinary Parasitology

Helminthology, Protozoology, Entomology, Clinical Parasitology, Parasitic Zoonoses, Management of Livestock Parasitism, Immuno Parasitology, Diagnostic Parasitology


Veterinary Pathology

Introduction, History and Etiology, Haemodynamics Derangements, Degeneration and Necrosis, Inflammation and Healing, Genetically Determined Diseases, Immunopathology, Postmortem Diagnosis and Histopathological Techniques, Pathology of Toxicosis, Systemic Pathology

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 21-30


Veterinary Pharmacology

General Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacometrics, Drug Acting on Digestive System, Endocrine Pharmacology, Autacoids, Chemotherapy, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology


Veterinary Public Health

Milk Hygiene, Meat Hygiene, Zoonoses, Food-borne Infections and Intoxications, Epidemiology, Health Education, Experimental Animal Medicine, Microbiology in Public Health


Veterinary Surgery

General Surgery, Anaesthesia, Radiology, Orthopaedics and Lameness, Thoracic Surgery, Surgery of Head and Neck Region, Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery,



Aquaculture System, Broodstock Development and Management, Farm Design, Construction and Operational Management


Fisheries Resource Management

Fisheries Resources, Fishery Biology, Aquatic Environment, Fisheries Management, Economics and Marketing, Fisheries Livelihood


Fish Processing Technology

Craft Technology, Gear Technology, Fish Processing Technology, Process Biochemistry, Fishery Engineering, Microbiology, Quality Management and Certification


Fish Nutrition

Principles of Fish Nutrition, Nutritional Physiology, Nutrigenomics, Feed Formulation, Feed Technology and Feeding Management


Fish Health

Fish Health and Pathology, Diseases of Fish, Aquatic Environment and Fish Health, Disease Diagnosis, Defence Systems and Tumours, Disease Prevention and Control


Fish Genetics & Breeding

Principles of Fish Genetics and Breeding, Population and Quantitative Genetics, Breeding of Fish and Shellfish, Genetic Tools for Aquaculture Application, Conservation


Agricultural Chemicals

General Chemistry, Naturally occurring insecticides, Chromatography and Spectroscopic Techniques, Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators, Synthetic Insecticides, Fungicides, Nematicides, and Rodenticides, Agrochemicals, Natural Resource Management

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 31-40


Agricultural Meteorology

General Meteorology, General Climatology, Agricultural Climatology, Micrometeorology, Evapotranspiration, Crop Weather Modeling, Weather Forecasting for Agriculture



National Forest Policy, Concept and Definition of Agroforestry, Plant Management Practices in Agroforestry, Extent and Causes of Land Denudation, Forest Mensuration, Silviculture, Seed Collection, Forest Management, Tree Improvement, Forestry in Bio-Economic Productivity, Climate Change, Statistics 



Crop Ecology and Geography, Weed Management, Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use, Dryland Agronomy, Crop Production, Agricultural Statistics, Sustainable Land Use Systems, Basics of Soil and Water, Irrigation Water Management


Environmental Science

Definition, Basic Ecological Concepts, Biodiversity concepts, Composition of Air, Soil and Water Pollution, Energy consumption, Natural Resources of India


Soil Sciences

Pedology, Soil Physics, Soil Chemistry, Soil Microbiology, Soil Fertility, Statistics


Agricultural Business Management

General Management, Business Accounting & Financial Management, Marketing Management, Quantitative Techniques, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship


Agricultural Economics

Economic Theory, Agricultural Development and Policy, Natural Resource and Production Economics, Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis, Operations Research and Research Methods


Agricultural Extension

Fundamentals of Extension and Communication, Farm Journalism, Information Communication Technologies, Research Methodology in Extension Education, Extension Management, Entrepreneurial Development, Gender Sensitization and Empowerment


Agricultural Statistics

Mathematical Methods in Statistics, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Inference, Design of Experiments, Sample Surveys, Statistical Genetics, Applied Regression Analysis, Optimization Techniques and Soft Computing


Home Science

Human Nutrition, Food Science and Processing Technologies, Textile Science, Fashion Designing and Garment Production, Family Resource Management and Consumer Science, Home Science Extension and Communication Methods

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 41-50


Farm Machinery & Power

Farm Mechanization and Equipment, Farm Machinery Design, Engines and Tractor Systems, Farm Machinery Testing, Evaluation and Management, Ergonomics and Safety, Energy in Agriculture, Soil Dynamics in Tillage and Traction, Manufacturing Technology, Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques


Computer Application & IT

Computer Organization and Architecture, Programming Languages & Data Structure, Networking & Operating System, Software Engineering, Compiler Construction, Data Base Management System, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Soft ComputingBioinformatics, Statistics, Modeling and Simulation


Land & Water Management Engineering

Ground Water Development, Wells and Pumps, Open Channel Hydraulics, Watershed Management, Irrigation Water Management



Concepts in Computing, Programming Languages, Database Systems and Biological Databases, Mathematics and Statistics, Genomics and Proteomics, Analytical Bioinformatics, Molecular Modelling, Algorithms and Data Structures in Bioinformatics


Food Technology

Introduction, Technology of Foods of Plant Origin, Technology of Foods of Animal Origin, Food Quality Management, Food Microbiology & Biotechnology, Flavour Chemistry Technology, Consumer Sciences/ Food Product Development/ Health Foods


Agricultural Structure and Process Engineering

Heat and Mass Transfer, Farm Structures and Farmstead Planning, Storage Engineering, Post Harvest Operations, Material Handling Packaging and Transport, Engineering Properties & Quality of Biomaterials, Agri-Project Planning and Management, Dairy Engineering, Instrumentation and Process Control, Aquaculture Processing Technology & Structures Design

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 51-56


Veterinary Anatomy

Gross Anatomy, Microanatomy, Development Anatomy, Embryology, Morphogenesis and Histogenesis, Development of Eye, Ear and Endocrine Glands

Complete Syllabus for Disciplines with code 57

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The ICAR NET 2020 syllabus is vast. Thus, candidates are advised to follow the syllabus strictly and not to study any irrelevant topics.