State Govt’s Asks to Grant Admissions Without Transfer Certificates

Last Modified: 17 Apr 2024

After waiting so long, finally HRD ministry issues admission guidelines in favour of Migrant students.

HRD Ministry has recently issued guidelines to the State Government and UTs asking them to grant admission for migrant students without asking for Transfer / Migration Certificates. The new guidelines has been issued by MHRD has related to the mass migration of workers who are migrating to their native places during the COVID-19 lockdown in April – May 2020.

All students who have successfully migrated to their native villages and towns can now seek admission to their local government schools and institutions without having to provide transfer documents and continue their further education. More than this, ministry has also asked the state governments to maintain a database of all such students who have been extended admission without proper documents.

State Governments to Build Database of Migrant Students

As per the HRD Ministry guidelines for migrant students, the ministry states, “With the falling enrolment numbers in the schools, especially the government ones across the country, the HRD Ministry has directed all states to take corrective steps and measures to address it. One important step in this direction comes for the state government is to allow students to seek admission to schools without furnishing documents. While, on the other hand the state governments and the administrators of the Union Territories to prepare a database of such students who have migrated during COVID-19 lockdown and are not struck from the school rolls.

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Schooling for Migrant Students

The guidelines also ask states to help all the students, who have moved to their native villages and town, and enable them to continue their academic learning. Students who do not willing to move back to the cities, from where they migrated, can now seek admission to their migrated region schools and educational institutions based in the native place, without furnishing any documents such as transfer certificates or migration certificates.