Latest Current Affairs Question Answers - 15th October 2018

Q1. The 10th Biennial International Exhibition & Conference “India Chem 2018” was held in which city?

A.  Chennai

B.  Mumbai

C.  Kolkata

D.  New Delhi

Q2. What is the India’s rank in Visa’s 2018 Government e-Payment Adoption Ranking (GEAR)?

A. 19th

B. 15th

C.  35th

D.  28th

Q3. What is the theme of the 2018 World Teachers’ Day (WTD)?

A.  The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher

B.  Valuing teachers, improving their status

C.  A call for teachers

D.  Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers                                                                                                                                  

Q4. Who has been appointed the Chief Statistician of India (CSI)?

A.  Pravin Srivastava

B.  Malti Saxena

C.  Nipun Singh

D.  T A Vina

Q5. India’s first ‘Methanol Cooking Fuel Program’ has launched in which state?

A.  Jammu & Kashmir

B.  Himachal Pradesh

C.  Assam                                  

D.  Manipur

Q6. Who has been appointed India’s Ambassador to UN Conference on Disarmament?

A. Vijay Seth

B.  Pankaj Sharma

C.  T S Vijiyan

D.  Narmada Kapoor

Q7. Which Indian personality has been appointed the Chairman of the Working Committee (WoCo) and Director on the Board of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)?

A.  Vikram Limaye

B.  Girish Chaturvedi

C.  Rajnish Kumar

D.  M K Sharma

Q8. Which of the following cities is the venue of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) of Indian Region?

A.  Indore

B.  Guwahati

C.  Shimla

D.  Patna

Q9. Which of the following states police have decided to conduct joint operations and share information to combat Left Wing Extremism (LWE)?

A.  Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

B.  Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh

C.  Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

D.  Chhattisgarh and Odisha

Q10. What is the current repo rate, as per RBI’s 4th bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement for 2018-19?

A.  6.25%

B.  6.5%

C.  6.75%

D.  6.0%

Q11. The Indo-Japan bilateral maritime exercise “JIMEX 18” has started at which of the following cities?

A.  Visakhapatnam

B.  Agartala

C.  Kochi

D.  Chennai

Q12. Natwar Thakkar, who passed away recently, was the renowned Gandhian from which state?

A.  Nagaland

B.  Mizoram

C.  Arunachal Pradesh

D.  Tripura

Q13. Which Indian sportsperson has won the Girls title in the IBSF World Under-16 Snooker Championships 2018?

A.  Keerthana Pandian

B.  Manasvini Sekar

C.  M S Jyoti

D.  Anupama Ramachandran

Q14. Who has been adjudged man-of-the-tournament at the 2018 Under-19 Asia Cup cricket tournament?

A.  Ayush Badoni

B.  Yashasvi Jaiswal

C.  Harsh Tyagi

D.  Prabh Simran Singh

Q15. Which state government has recently launched the Sashakt Kisan Yojana (SKY) & Krishi Samuh Yojana (KSY)?

A.  Punjab

B.  Arunachal Pradesh

C.  Haryana

D.  Odisha

Q16. Which state government has recently launched the Nirman Kusuma programme?

A.  Kerala

B.  Assam

C.  Odisha

D.  Nagaland

Q17. Who has been appointed the new deputy National Security Advisor (NSA)?

A.  V Johri

B.  Samant Goel

C.  Puneet Khanna

D.  R N Ravi

Q18. Who heads the reconstituted Pollution watchdog Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA)?

A.  Arunabha Ghosh

B.  Navroz K. Dubash

C.  Bhure Lal

D.  Ajay Mathur


Q19. Who has become the India’s first judoka to win a medal at the Olympics – junior or senior?

A.  Tababi Devi Thangjam

B.  Shushila Likmabam

C.  Kalpana Thoudam

D.  Garima Chaudhary

Q20. Which of the following has been awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize for Economics?

A.  Damian Roland and Christina Choung

B.  Daniel Kahneman and Richard H. Thaler

C.  Friedrich Hayek and Elinor Ostrom

D.  William Nordhaus and Paul Romer

Q21. Which Indian company has recently announced ₹ 1.5 crores Aarohan Social Innovation Awards (ASIA) to push innovation in social work?

A.  Infosys

B.  Reliance Industries

C.  Mahindra & Mahindra

D.  Tata Motors

Q22. Which Indian organization has won the ‘ISSA GOOD Practice Award, Asia & The Pacific 2018’?





Q23. M N Paloor, who passed away recently, was the modernist poet of which language?

A.  Malayalam

B.  Tamil

C.  Odia

D.  Telugu

Q24. Who will chair the high-level Strategic Policy Group (SPG) to assist National Security Council (NSC) to review the security affairs of the country?

A.  Sanjay Mitra

B.  V K Saraswat

C.  Ajit Doval

D.  Amitabh Kant

Q25. Which of the following states has become partner state at 2018 Goa International Film Festival (GIFF)?

A.  Assam

B.  Jharkhand

C.  Mizoram

D.  Himachal Pradesh

Q26. Which union Ministry has launched the “India for Humanity”?

A.  Ministry of External Affairs

B.  Ministry of Defense

C.  Ministry of Railways

D.  Ministry of Rural Development

Q27. Who is the winner of India’s first Gold Medal at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics?

A.  Manav Thakkar

B.  Srihari Nataraj

C.  Mehuli Ghosh

D.  Jeremy Lalrinnunga

Q28. On which date, the 2018 World Post Day (WPD), is observed recently?

A.  October 10

B.  October 9

C.  October 11

D.  October 8

Q29. Who clinched India’s first gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Para Games?

A.  Sandeep Chaudhary

B.  Devanshi Satijawon

C.  Paramjeet Kumar

D.  Farman Basha

Q30. Who has been chosen as India's first 'Miss Trans Queen'?
A. Harshini
B. Veena Sendre
C. Sania Sood
D. Namita Ammu

Q31. The large-scale air exercises launched by Ukraine and NATO countries is named as
A. IMCOR 2018
B. Clear Sky 2018
C. Austra Hind
D. Konkan

Q32. As per the report of Oxfam World Inequality Index 2018, what is the position of India?
A. 147th
B. 108th
C. 92nd
D. 152th

Q33. Wild Life Week celebrations concludes in which of the following park?
A. Kaziranga National Park
B. National Zoological Park
C. Jim Corbett National Park
D. Sundarban National Park

Q34. Which company won the Deming Prize for 2018?
A. SBA Communications
B. IHS Tower
C. Abertis Telecom
D. Indus Towers

Q35. Which IIT institute Signs MoU with Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency?
A. IIT-Bombay
B. IIT-Delhi
C. IIT-Madras
D. IIT-Kharagpur

Q36. The government has appointed Pravin Srivastava as __________ Chief Statistician of India (CSI).
A. 3rd
B. 4th
C. 6th
D. 5th

Q37. Who has been appointed as the new Solicitor General of India?
A. Ranjit Kumar
B. Tushar Mehta
C. Harish Salve
D. K. K. Venugopal

Q38. Rakesh Sharma has taken charge as the MD and CEO of which bank?
A. Andhra Bank
B. Bank Of Baroda
C. IDBI Bank
D. Yes Bank

Q39. Who laid a foundation stone on Country's first 58-acre biofuel plant to be set up at Bargarh district of Odisha by BPCL?
A. Ganeshi Lal
B. Dharmendra Pradhan
C. Naveen Patnaik
D. Narendra Modi

Q40. Which country scientists created a 3D-printed meals?
A. Poland
B. Belgium
C. British
D. Netherlands

Q41. Every year, 11 October has been marked as the International Day of the Girl. The theme of this year is;
A. Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence
B. EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises
C. Ending child marriage
D. With Her: A Skilled Girl Force

Q42. Football player John Terry announced his retirement recently belongs to which country?
A. Argentina
B. Brazil
C. England
D. Spain

Q43. The theme for 2018 World Mental Health Day is;
A. Dignity in Mental Health
B. Living with Schizophrenia
C. Young people and mental health in a changing world
D. Mental health in the workplace

Q44. Which state set up an anti-terrorist force 'kavach'?
A. Jammu and Kashmir
B. Haryana
C. Karnataka
D. Odisha

Q45. Who was awarded as the Best Sportsperson of the Year award at the annual Sports Journalists' Association of Mumbai (SJAM) award function?
A. Rahul Aware
B. Jemimah Rodrigues
C. Durga Deore
D. Siddhesh Lad

Q46. Harvinder Singh won __________ medal in archery in Asian Para Games.
A. None of the Above
B. Bronze
C. Gold
D. Silver

Q47. Name the Indian high jump player who won gold in men's high jump T42/63 category.
A. Sharad Kumar
B. Tejaswin Shankar
C. Nikhil Chittarasu
D. Hari Shankar Roy

Q48. Name the person who is appointed as the MD and CEO of AirAsia India.
A. K R Kamath
B. AM Naik
C. Sunil Bhaskaran
D. Kishore Biyani

Q49. President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the 13th Annual Convention of the Central Information Commission in which city?
A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Bengaluru
D. Kolkata

Q50. __________ was sworn in as United States Supreme Court justice.

A. Jeremmy Reed
B. Jody Kimbell
C. Brett Kavanaugh
D. Morgan Fairchild

Q51. The Pakistan Army appointed whom as the new chief of ISI?
A. Asim Munir
B. Malik Zafar Iqbal
C. Anwar Ali Hyder
D. Aamer Riaz

Q52. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) signed an MoU with this university for setting up of the Satish Dhawan Center for Space Science in the University.
A. Central University of Gujarat
B. Central University of Orissa
C. Central University Of Karnataka
D. Central University of Jammu

Q53. Which among the following signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Andhra Pradesh Gas Development Corporation (APGDC)?
A. Petronet LNG Ltd
B. GE Oil & Gas
C. Kakinada SEZ Ltd
D. Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd

Q54. With which city, Delhi government signed a twin-city agreement recently?
A. Moscow
B. London
C. Berlin
D. Paris

Q55. Which country tops in the Human Capital Index released by the World Bank?
A. Singapore
B. Finland
C. South Korea
D. Japan

Q56. Who was appointed as private secretary (PS) to Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu?

A. Vishnu Srinivasan
B. Sandeep Vaishnav
C. N Chaitanya Prasad
D. D Prasanth Kumar Reddy

Q57. Which bank has signed an MoU with Kathmandu-based National Banking Institute (NBI) for the development of human resources?
A. Bank of India
B. Central Bank of India

Q58. Which ministry launched a website for 'Aero India 2019'?
A. Ministry of Defence
B. Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
C. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
D. Ministry of External Affairs

Q59. Name the company which announced a first-of-its-kind internship programme for students selected by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) along with NITI Aayog.
B. Oracle
C. Infosys
D. Google

Q60. Which State has been declared 100% organic farming and nominated for UN FAO Future Policy Award?
A. Manipur
B. Kerala
C. Sikkim
D. Haryana

Q61. Which country has been chosen as the host of the 2022 Youth Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee (IOC)?
A. Libya
B. Kenya
C. Nigeria
D. Senegal

Q62. NSE has signed a pact with this state government to Fuel MSMEs Growth in State.
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. West Bengal
C. Uttarakhand
D. Rajasthan

Q63. The Ro-Ro service to Majuli Island was launched recently by;

Q64. The first India-Israel Innovation Centre was launched in which city?
A. Bengaluru
B. Chennai
C. Cochin
D. Hyderabad

Q65. Who will host the 'Goa Maritime Symposium - 2018'?
B. Indian Navy
C. International Maritime Institute
D. Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research

Q66. Who is the board head of Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS)?
A. Uday Kotak
B. GC Chaturvedi
C. Vineet Nayyar
D. GN Bajpai

Q67. Name of the Indian Naval Ship which entered into IND-INDO CORPAT on 11 October 2018.
A. INS Suvarna
B. INS Kora
C. INS Kulish
D. INS Kirch

Q68. Indian javelin thrower Sundar Singh Gurjar won a __________ medal in the men's F46 category of the Asian Para Games in Jakarta.
A. None of the Above
B. Bronze
C. Silver
D. Gold

Q69. The theme of the 2018 International Day for Disaster Reduction is;
A. Reducing Disaster Economic Losses
B. Living with Disability and Disasters
C. Today's disasters for tomorrow's hazards
D. Disaster risk reduction begins at school

Q70. Which of the following has been declared as the official mascot for the Odisha Men's Hockey World Cup?
A. Olly
B. Cobi
C. Neve
D. Hodori

Q71. Who was appointed as the CEO of Amway?
A. Milind Pant
B. Rajeev Suri
C. Dinesh Paliwal
D. Shantanu Narayen

Q72. Who was honoured with the Dr.M.A.Chidambaram Birth Centenary Award in chennai?
A. E. A. S. Prasanna
B. Sunil Gavaskar
C. Bishan Singh Bedi
D. Ajit Wadekar

Q73. Which state Prison department has rolled out a smart video- calling facility for female prisoners and inmates lodged at open jails?
A. Maharashtra
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Chhattisgarh

Q74. Which country elected to the United Nations' Human Rights Council with the highest vote?
A. Mexico
B. Bangladesh
C. India
D. Fiji

Q75. How many new battalions of Rapid Action Force (RAF) are sanctioned by Union Government?
A. 5
B. 8
C. 10
D. 13

Q76. Which ministry announced to set up a committee to deal issues raised by Metoo India movement?
A. Ministry of Human Resource Development
B. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
C. Minister for Women and Child Development
D. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Q77. What is the rank of India in the 2018 Global Hunger Index?
A. 92nd
B. 75th
C. 118th
D. 103rd


Q78. Where did NITI Aayog and ICC International Court of Arbitration organize a workshop on Best Practices in International Arbitration on October 10, 2018?
A.  Chennai
B.  Mumbai
C.  New Delhi
D.  None of these
E.  Kolkata

Q79. ‘The National Electronics Policy 2018’ released by the government aims for a turnover of _____ dollars in domestic electronics manufacturing by 2025?
A.  $500 billion
B.  $900 million
C.  $400 billion
D.  None of these
E.  $250 million

Q80. Where did India and Japan conduct their 2nd edition of ‘Japan-India Act East Forum’, on 8th October 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Kolkata
C.  Mumbai
D.  New Delhi
E.  Chennai

Q81. Where is the 32nd edition of India – Indonesia coordinated patrol (IND-INDO CORPAT) held from 11 – 27 Oct 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Odisha Port, India
C.  Java, India
D.  Belawan harbour, Indonesia
E.  Mumbai Port, India

Q82. Maharashtra government approved financial assistance of _____ rupees for the Tarli Irrigation Project in Satara district, on 9th October 2018?
A.  ₹ 5,789 crore
B.  ₹ 4,799 crore
C.  None of these
D.  ₹ 2,500 crore
E.  ₹ 1,610 crore

Q83. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) signed a MoU with which institute in Jammu to set up Satish Dhawan Center for Space Science in the University campus, on 11th October 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc)
C.  Indian Institute of Meteorology (IIM)
D.  Central University of Jammu (CUJ)
E.  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi

Q84. Inland Water Authority of India (IWAI) launched a Roll-on-Roll-off (RO-RO) service from Neamati to Manjuli island of which state, on 11th October 2018?
A.  Bihar
B.  Maharashtra
C.  None of these
D.  Assam
E.  Madhya Pradesh

Q85. Which state forest department started the vaccination of lions in the Gir Forest National Park to protect them from deadly Canine Distemper Virus (CDV), on 7th October 2018?
A.  Gujarat
B.  Rajasthan
C.  Karnataka
D.  None of these
E.  Madhya Pradesh

Q86. Indian Footwear, Leather & Accessories Development Programme (IFLADP) with approved expenditure of _____ rupees for 2017-20, will be implemented as part of special package for generation of employment in leather and footwear sector?
A.  ₹ 6888 Crore
B.  ₹ 5689 Crore
C.  None of these
D.  ₹ 4566 Crore
E.  ₹ 2600 Crore

Q87. Home Ministry issued an advisory asking which administration to exempt Sikh women from wearing helmets while driving two-wheelers, on 11th October 2018?
A.  Chandigarh
B.  None of these
C.  Uttar Pradesh
D.  Punjab
E.  Chhattisgarh

Q88. The provisions given in which section of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, states that Election Commission of India (ECI) can fill casual vacancies?

A.  None of these
B.  Section 123B
C.  Section 141B
D.  Section 151A
E.  Section 114A

Q89. Name the MD and CEO of Bank of Baroda who was given a one year extension by the government on 12thOctober 2018?
A.  R Gandhi
B.  None of these
C.  PJ George
D.  PS Jayakumar
E.  Mahesh Kumar Jain

Q90. Which state launched 3 apps namely i-Khet Machine, e-PEHaL and e-Prevent to prevent crop residue burning, on 11th October 2018?
A.  Punjab
B.  None of these
C.  Gujarat
D.  Odisha
E.  Rajasthan

Q91. Where was the 32nd world conference of World Union of Wholesale Markets inaugurated on 13th October 2018?
A.  New Delhi, Delhi
B.  Gurugram, Haryana
C.  Pune, Maharashtra
D.  None of these
E.  Bengaluru, Mysuru

Q92. Finance Ministry increased interest rates for non-governmental provident funds, gratuity and superannuation to _____ % from existing 7.6 %, on 13th October 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  8.7 %
C.  7.9 %
D.  8 %
E.  8.5 %

Q93. National Mission for Clean Ganga laid down the limits of ecological flow of the river Ganga for the first time and the government announced the draft Ganga Act that was framed by a committee in 2016 under the chairmanship _____?
A.  None of these
B.  Justice (retired) Keerthi Reddy
C.  Justice Kunal Kaushik
D.  Justice (retired) Giridhar Malviya
E.  Justice Narendra Parbhu S

Q94. Where did India and Australia held their 2nd edition of ‘2+2’ secretary-level dialogue, on 10th October 2018?
A.  Canberra, Australia
B.  Sydney, Australia
C.  None of these
D.  New Delhi, India
E.  Mumbai, India

Q95. The governments of Germany and the UK, with support from the World Bank launched a new Global Risk Financing Facility (GRiF),with an initial corpus of _____ dollar?
A.  None of these
B.  $200 million
C.  $150 million
D.  $250 million
E.  $300 million

Q96. Which one of the following countries decided to abolish the death penalty, on 11th October 2018?
A.  Malaysia
B.  None of these
C.  India
D.  China
E.  Saudi Arabia

Q97. What is the rank of India among 157 countries in the World Bank’s Human Capital Index (HCI) released at the October 2018 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank Group in Bali, Indonesia?
A.  115
B.  None of these
C.  99
D.  45
E.  111

Q98. What is the rank of India out of 123 countries in the RTI rating by Access Info Europe and the Centre for Law and Democracy?
A.  24
B.  45
C.  103
D.  None of these
E.  6

Q99. What is the rank of India in the 2018 Global Hunger Index (GHI) prepared jointly by global NGOs Concern Worldwide (Ireland) and Welthungerhilfe (Germany)?
A.  103
B.  None of these
C.  78
D.  44
E.  34

Q100. World Bank announced concessional loan worth _____ dollars to Nepal to reform the country’s financial and energy sectors, on 12th October 2018?
A.  None of these
B.  USD 345 million
C.  USD 195 million
D.  USD 789 million
E.  USD 900 million

Q101. Which body has notified LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) that Insurance claim cannot be denied on the ground of common lifestyle diseases?
A.  National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC)
B.  None of these
C.  Finance Ministry
D.  Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)
E.  Reserve Bank of India

Q102. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has allowed foreign entities to participate in the commodity derivatives segment of stock exchanges in the Indian market and the foreign entities would be known as _____?
A.  Allowed Foreign Entities (AFEs)
B.  Permitted Foreign Entities (PFEs)
C.  None of these
D.  Neutral Foreign Entities (NFEs)
E.  Eligible Foreign Entities (EFEs)

Q103. The government exempted _____ % of Long term capital gains (LTCG) tax on IPOs, ESOPs, bonus. Etc, on 7thOctober 2018?
A.  59%
B.  15 %
C.  None of these
D.  10 %
E.  12 %

Q104. Name the Microsoft AI-enabled bat launched by former India captain Anil Kumble’s technology start-up Spektacom Technologies, on 11th October 2018?
A.  AI Bat
B.  Intelli Bat
C.  None of these
D.  Smart Bat
E.  Power Bat

Q105. Who took charge as the new CEO of Bhilai Steel plant, on 11th October 2018?
A.  Arun Kumar Rath
B.  M Ravi
C.  None of these
D.  Sadasiva Nair
E.  Ram Shankar