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Latest Updates About Physcial Education Exam: Important Exam Date; Application Form; Eligibility Criteria; Exam Pattern

Career and Courses in Physical Education

Physical education studies the science of psychomotor skills deployed while playing sports. In other words it is a science which studies different kinds of psychological skills required to make physical movements. Different kinds of sports require different set of psychomotor skills which are studied to sharpen the particular sports skills.   It also studies about all aspects of body to keep it healthy and active.

Physical education is a vast subject which studies about biological, psychological, physical and nutritional aspects of sports. It is essentially an interdisciplinary area of subject aimed at identifying and knowing all factors which can keep human body healthy so that he can play his best.                                                                                                    

Physical Education In Schools and Colleges

Physical education is now a compulsory subject in schools and Universities. There is growing awareness that along with studies it is equally important to give physical education to students. In a healthy body lives a healthy mind.Students are introduced to different kind of games and sports so that they can get interested in any of gaming activities as per their interest. Then they are trained physically to master that particular game. The physical education instructor through his instructions to students streamline the physical or bodily movement in a way which becomes most suitable for the game. One is taught how to make the most efficient physical movement for the sports.

Besides physical training helps to gain physical fitness. It keeps one’s heart healthy by increasing blood circulation which increases the supply of oxygen in the body. More oxygen in blood decreases the sugar level and keeps one away from sugar related diseases. It also helps tomaintain body weight. Physical activities are also stress busters and keep one’s mind healthy. Thus physical education

Courses Available

One can opt to study physical education after 10+2. A student from any discipline can enroll for physical education course. There is no specific age limit for pursuing the course barring few sports.

An interested student can do either Diploma, Certificate or Degree course in physical education after completing his 12th standard. There are many government and private institutions and colleges which are offering this course to students. It is demanding field and only such student should opt for doing this course who have deep interest in this field.

Diploma courses in Physical Education

Name of the course

Duration of the course

Physical Education

2 years.


2 years.


2 years.

Yoga teacher training

2 years.

Yoga and Physical education

2 years.

 Degree Courses in Physical Education

Name of the course

Duration of the course

B.A (Physical Education)

3 years.

B.A (Yoga)

3 years.

B.P.Ed (Physical Education)

3 years.

Certificate courses in Physical Education

Name of the course

Duration of the course


1 year.

Yoga and Yoga Science

1 year.

Yoga and Naturopathy

1 year.


1 year.

Eligibility for Career In Physical Education

A candidate should have completed 10+2 or an equivalent from recognized university or board in any discipline or subject.There is an entrance test PECET (Physical education common entrance test) for getting admission in the physical education course. In addition during admission a candidate’s physical fitness is also seen. If candidate is found to be physically unfit even when he has scored a good marks in the PECET exam, he will not be taken. So it is important to maintain one’s physical fitness before applying for the exam.

Career & Job

There is a bright career in the field of physical education.Sports is becoming popular around the world which has broadened the scope of physical education. Now-a-days there is huge demand of physical education instructor or teacher who can teach budding students of sports. The number of institutions and colleges offering physical education course has multiplied so that ample amount of physical education professionals can be produced.

Areas of Employment

After completing the physical education course one can be either employed in health or sports industries. One can also open his own fitness or training centre. One can also find jobs in Sports clubs; as Stadium staff; health clubs; gymnasiums; as teacher in schools and colleges; in corporate teams and health and sports related organizations.

Job Profiles

A physical education instructor can work on various profiles. Some of the profiles are – Athletic coach, nutrition specialist, activities director, corporate fitness instructor, physical therapist and personal physical instructor.


A fresher physical education teacher or instructor will get a salary in the range of Rs.20, 000 to Rs. 25, 000. In few years’ time it goes up. A person should love his profession, only then he will be able to arouse same passion and dedication towards sports in his students. This will take his career forward.

Skills Required

In order to become a good physical education teacher or instructor one should have various personality traits to work efficiently and successfully. Besides having a knowledge of physical health, he should have leadership qualities to win the trust and respect of his students or disciples. He should motivate them towards their goal and teach them ways to achieve these goals. He should have a good interpersonal skills to understand the individuality of each of his students. Without having good understanding of the emotional and mental makeup of his students he won’t be able to mentor and guide them well.


Q.Is there any course available in Physical education?

Yes, there are courses of physical educational to study and become a professional physical instructor.

Q. What is the eligibility for the course?

A candidate should have done 12th standard to become eligible for the course.

Q.What courses are available for Physical education?

A person can do certificate course, degree course or diploma in physical education.

Q. What are the areas of employment for physical teacher?

A person can get employed in gymnasium, sports club, sports ministry, schools and colleges, corporate teams for sports etc.

Q. What is the initial salary of physical education instructor?

A fresher is offered a salary in the range of Rs. 20, 000 to Rs. 25, 000.

Q.What are the various job profiles upon which a physical education teacher can work?

A person can work on various profiles as a physical education instructor. He can work as nutrition specialist, corporate instructor, physical instructor, physical therapist, personal instructor etc.

Q.Is there any entrance test for getting admission in the physical education course?

Yes, a candidate should take up the PECET (Physical education common entrance test)