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Last Modified: 09 May 2024

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

We can quickly identify the role of education is our life, the better the education with better the world and society. Education is equally important in life as our basic needs as food, shelter, money etc. And, earning money is directly proportional to your education. A decent education person can look for a better job opportunity with higher the money early capability.

Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education (SMU-DE)

Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education brings education at your door-step. The idea of distance education is to bridge the gap, which occurred due to various circumstances of an individual to continue to study further. Individuals, who are unable to get admission in their choice of courses or people who can’t manage study with work; they can look for distance education.

Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education or popularly known as SMU-DE is the key to open the door for better education. It provides admission in various courses, which can be easily learned at home and manage along with work life. The quality assurance regarding infrastructure, faculty, and course materials is the key features of SMU-DE. And, you will get them through the online medium at your place.

Advantages of distance education

Distance education is the new age learning, where education comes to you. What makes distance education a better choice compare to conventional classes can be understood with this list of advantages.

Flexibility – The distance education gives you the flexibility to study, unlike the conventional classroom manner. Individuals, who are not interested in going to the classroom or who don’t get time to go to classroom due to their busy schedule or work commitment; they can go for distance education. The online study with Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education has an exclusive mobile app; you can start right from your mobile phone on the go.

Money – The classroom education is expensive than online classes. When you take admission in a typical classroom, it involves more money to pay for your classes, faculties and set up; whereas distance education can be easily available online.

Networking opportunities – The networking opportunities are higher with the distance education than the conventional classes. People who choose distance education over conventional classes get the more diverse range of people to interact.

No classroom sitting – The boring classroom sitting is over with distance education. Sitting in a classroom is not a great idea to study, but you can get rid of Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education program. Choosing SMU-DE has some more advantages apart from the above mentioned.

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