Unified Entrance Exam of Engineering by AICTE from 2018

Published on : 9th February 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

Examsplanner February 9, 2017: The Ministry of Human Resource Development has finally given its nod for the conduction of the single, unified entrance exam of engineering in place of numbers of such entrance exams. In the year 2018 this exam will replace all other engineering entrance exams conducted by Central Universities, State Universities and Private Institutions. By passing this entrance exam students will become eligible for admission in various courses of engineering and architecture across all colleges of India. However IIT’s are excluded from such provision. For admission in IIT, JEE (Advanced) will remain the entrance test.

AICTE will implement these changes on the similar lines of framework adopted for the NEET. Just few years ago the NEET exam was put in place as a single, common, unified exam for admission in the various courses of MBBS and BDS. It has successfully replaced all other medical entrance exams which were earlier conducted, separately, by various Central Universities, State Universities and Private Institutions. AICTE has been further asked to make this exam a standardised one taking into account the language diversity and cultural factors. It means that the questions of the exam will have the same level of difficulty for students across the varied geographical areas of the nation.

Just as the NEET Exam has brought relief to students and parents by saving their energy and money, similarly the AICTE common engineering entrance exam is expected to benefit the common masses of students. This step of Ministry of Human Resource Development has been welcomed by all sections of students alike. The present system of multiple exams put lots of mental and physical pressure upon candidates. They need to prepare round the year for multiple entrance exams and there after travel into the various corners of the country to take such exam. Beside this, the current system makes students vulnerable to malpractices of private institutions. Often they are charged huge money in the form of donation from the students to get admission in the college of their choice.

Thus as expected this move of the government will invite wrath of private institutions and those having vested interest in the current system. But surely it is great leap forward in the way entrance exams is conducted for engineering and medical courses. It will give chance to some deserving and real candidates in the best engineering institutions of the country.

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