Centre Directs UGC Not to Publish Aadhaar of PhD Scholars

Published on : 1st May 2017    Author : Tanvi Mittal

ExamsPlanner May 1, 2017: The University Grant Commission has annulled its earlier decision to get Aadhar Card details of Ph.D Scholars. It has overturned its decision in fear of mis-utilization of such details.

On March 10th, 2017, UGC has given directions to all Universities that they should collect and publish the Aadhar details of their Ph.D scholars on their official websites. They were expected to publish it in the format given by the UGC. In the given format scholar’s Ph.D enrollment number, topic of his research, Aadhar details, funding agency name and supervisor details were to be mentioned. Most of the Universities have started to collect these details for its publication on their websites.

UGC No Adhar Card Required

But after almost a month UGC has cancelled its decision. It has asked Universities not to implement its directions. The UGC Secretary JS Sandhu said that as per the Aadhar act, 2016, such details of person cannot be published or made public. It will be considered as a violation of secrecy of person.

In addition some pockets have raised concern about the mis-utilization of such details of Ph.D scholars. Instead of benefitting them it might actually harm them. Thus so far Universities are not required to implement the UGC directions in this regard.

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